Bad Girls Burn Slow

Publication: August 2008

With her pale skin, heart-shaped lips, and piercing gaze, ten year-old Paula is luminous. No one can believe that Margie, as bronzed-skinned as she is plain, could possibly be Paula’s mother. But Margie knows better—behind Paula’s innocent, girlish beauty lies the heart of a destructive soul who literally loves to play with fire, cannot control her temper, and in school, leans toward the mean side of violence. Margie hopes that moving closer to the California waters will snuff out the mysterious flame growing in her daughter’s heart, but Bernard, a funeral parlor artist, senses something “strange” about little Paula. Bernard, a man with secrets himself, decides that his new neighbors may need a little encouragement to find another place to live. But Paula, though still a child, has keen instincts of her own. As her suspicions about Bernard unravel and lead to a suspenseful, disturbing battle of wills, the most shocking of secrets are revealed.

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  1. Join Pam Ward at the
    West Hollywood Book Festival
    Sunday, October 4, 2009 10-6PM
    West Hollywood Park • 647 N. San Vicente Blvd.

    Pam Ward will be on two exciting panels:
    Dark and Twisted: Testing the Limits of Taste and Depravity
    with StephanThomas, Stephen Schwartz, Tim Hallinan and Evan Kilgore on the panel:
    3:45 pm to 4:45 pm
    Mystery and Suspense Pavilion, West Hollywood Park

    Pam Ward will be on the panel:
    “Take Back the Night: Feminism and Powerful Women in Fiction”
    Featuring Cheryl Klein, Terry Wolverton
    Moderated by WoHo Councilmember Lindsey Horvath (President of Hollywood NOW)
    Fact, Fiction and Future Pavillion

  2. > Pam Ward, author of BAD GIRLS BURN SLOW reads at…
    > Metropolis Books
    > Saturday, FEB. 7th at 5:00pm
    > 440 S. Main Street
    > Los Angeles, CA
    > (213) 612-0174
    > “Explosive!”
    > I just finished Bad Girls Burn Slow and Pam Ward’s got fury down pat. Visceral, explosive, heat a go-go. Good stuff.
    > –Dave Weinreb, Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Foundation
    > “I want to Kiss Pam Ward’s Pen!”
    > A great, suspenseful, eerie, read. Pam Ward really mixed it up with wicked kids, poisoning middle age wenches, funeral director’s hiding secrets. It’s all here in a hair-raising hoot of a book. Everything you can sell off a human body is stuffed in. A wild, Lolita read.
    > –Miss Fiction, Los Angeles, CA
    > “I squirmed. I laughed, I thought I would scream!”
    > This book is just one nick from being totally insane. I squirmed. I laughed. I thought I would scream! Cremations, an aging broad who’s a con, and a young brat who flings matches and toys with dirty old men. A gruesome, hilarious, cat and mouse tale, that will cook your gut through and through. No one is who they seem. Somebody needs to make a movie out of this high octane shocker.”
    > –High Octane Thrillers, Lancaster, CA

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