Great New African-American/Harlem Renaissance History Published

Announcing our new publication – Adam’s Belle: A Memoir of Love Without Bounds. It is the memoir of Isabel Washington Powell, the first wife of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. and the best new book on the Harlem Renaissance Era.

Publication data:

Title: Adam’s Belle: A Memoir of Love without Bounds

Author: Isabel Washington Powell with Joyce Burnett

Pages: 200 pages with 16 pages of illustrations

Publisher: DBM Press, LC, 6412 Brandon Ave, #123 , Springfield , VA 22150

Publication Date: 14 June 2008

ISBN: 978-0-9816102-1-4

Type Binding: Hardcover w/dust jacket

List Price: $27.95

Ordering Information:

Adam’s Belle is a roller coaster ride through the life of the late Isabel Washington Powell. This first-person narrative charges through Isabel’s life from her early childhood days as a baby “drama queen” in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia to her stage debut kicking up her heels at Harlem’s famous Cotton Club in the 1920’s. Isabel soon meets a real life “Prince Charming” who happens to be the nation’s most eligible bachelor – Adam Clayton Powell Jr. The two fall madly in love and plan to share their “heaven on earth” for the rest of their lives. With much pain and agony, Isabel learns that not all fairy tales have happy endings. Ultimately, she develops the strength to celebrate herself and even overcome breast cancer on her 100-year journey to becoming a true living legend. Belle and her older sister Fredi Washington (star of the Academy Award nominated 1934 film “Imitation of Life”) put the “roar” in “roaring twenties.” Adam’s Belle is a riveting story that pulls the reader in and never lets go.

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  1. Adam’s Belle has been selected as the Christian Small Publisher’s Book of the Year for Biography.

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