Freedom’s Fight by Gary Phillips

Freedom's Fight by Gary Phillips

Freedom’s Fight by Gary Phillips

Parker Publishing Inc
Available February 27, 2009

World War II changed the landscape of the world and the heart of America. As the war rages across Europe and Africa, a battle is also being fought on American soil. Eager to join the fight, black soldiers are denied the right to defend their country.

One man is charge with a duty that could change the course of the war in Africa. On a spy mission he searches for a traitor, but as he gets closer he must choose between his obligation to his country and his duty to his race.

A woman reporter finds a deep buried secret that could shock the nation. As she digs deeper into a national conspiracy she finds her life in jeopardy. She must chose between the truth and her life.

A patriotic lounge singer gives up his career to serve his country. To do so, he hides his identity and in the heat of battle makes a choice between the man he thought he was and the man he truly is.

A group of courageous people defy the odds and fight the war of their conscience to keep themselves and their country safe.

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  1. On June 25th, 7p.m. at Eso Won Bookstore, 4331 Degnan Blvd. in Leimert Park ((323) 294-0324), Gary Phillips will be discussing and signing his World War II novel, Freedom’s Fight. This date is the 68th anniversary when on the eve of our entry into WWII, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 8802 — pressured by the likes of civil rights leaders such as A. Philip Randolph. This order banned discrimination in hiring in the national war industries.

    Freedom’s Fight interweaves real people like Randolph and writer Chester Himes with fictional characters in a story of action and sacrifice that spans from Harlem to Tunis, Central Avenue to Bougainville.

    In the story you’ll meet Madison Clay, a prideful soldier facing court-martial, who is propelled into an espionage mission in Northern Africa that could change the course of the war. Alma Yates, a young career woman who is a reporter for the leading black newspaper of the day. She’s on assignment traveling the country reporting on the war effort among African Americans in the States and inadvertently uncovers a deep buried secret that could shock the nation — and prove fatal to her. And secrets too haunt a once popular crooner Gil Giabretto, now a GI up close to death on the front lines in the European Theater. When black troops are finally sent into combat to fight and die side-by-side with white soldiers, Giabretto must make a choice between the man he thought he was, and the man he truly is.

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