Before, After, and Beyond Bankruptcy by Betty Odak

Before, After, and Beyond Bankruptcy
by Betty Odak

Pleasant Word-A Division of WinePress Publishing
Available 01/26/09

Worried about your finances? Facing bankruptcy or foreclosure? Bankruptcy feels overwhelming, but there are many things a person can do to minimize the effects of financial reversals and speed along the process of gaining back a good credit rating. These issues and more faced author Betty Odak, but she decided she would not be forever defined by her bankruptcy. Instead, Odak researched her options, made some changes, and is now well on the road to a better life . . . a good life . . . a life after bankruptcy.

As a single mother of two teenage daughters, Odak moved her family from Kenya to the United States, hoping for a better life. She worked hard to support her family, went to college and graduated with a master’s degree in psychology in 2003. But financial stability was elusive. The cost of living, coupled with her mounting debt from school, finally propelled Odak into filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. It was a tough lesson, and one she didn’t want. Now, Odak wants to help others who are struggling financially. Packed with useful information, including step-by-step action plans and charts, Before, After, and Beyond Bankruptcy is a must-read for anyone struggling with financial crisis or for everyone wanting to implement a sound money management program.

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