Engaging the Sons of Darkness by Barbara Smitherman

Engaging the Sons of Darkness
by Barbara Smitherman

Tate Publishing
Available 04/21/09

Something evil is lurking about town. True darkness has descended upon Evansville, Oklahoma. Set deep in the Jack Fork Mountains, the town that sits upon an imaginary throne isolated in time will soon be the catalyst for controlling not only the town that time forgot, but also the entire world. Unaware of the supernatural battle raging in Evansville, Mamie Webb knows something is wrong.

A woman believed to have supernatural powers, Mamie finds herself with no allies in her battle against the Company. When she hears of a new preacher in town, she believes he is the answer to her prayers. Engaging the help of Phillip Fields and Cherish Rollins, a young woman plagued by a life of tragedy and abuse, Mamie struggles to organize a battle plan for survival — a plan that must be initiated quickly to save the town and its inhabitants from inevitable destruction.

Engaging the Sons of Darkness takes readers deep into the realm of the spiritual where unseen forces are at work influencing the lives, actions, and thoughts of people. Perfectly balancing the natural and supernatural worlds within Evansville, author Barbara Smitherman weaves a suspenseful story of greed, murder, and deception that is sure to be a page-turner.

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  1. Engaging the sons of Darkness is truly a wonderful book. it will take you deep into an unseen realm where unseen forces are influencing the lives actions and thoughts of people a very suspenseful story with a very powerful message.

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