When I’m Loving You by K. Lowery Moore

When I’m Loving You
by K. Lowery Moore

So Sophisticated Publications
Available 04/01/09

When you are in love, nothing else seems to matter. For three best friends, falling in love was not an easy thing to do. Despite their personal struggles, Natasha Inglewood, Dianne Marshall, and Lynda Davis, have all found the kind of love they always desired. Natasha, a hard-working, single mother gets a second chance at love after the tragic loss of her only child; Dianne, learning that love at first sight is real, is happily married until she becomes the stepmother of a child she didn’t know existed; and Lynda finally realizes that she can focus and love only one man, until her “love them and leave them” ways catch up with her.

If you still believe in love, this emotional story is for you. When I’m Loving You is a sassy, erotic, love story touched by death, abuse, and violence that many of us have encountered in our own lives. The question is, how do you manage love in the midst of it all?

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