When The Dust Settles by John A. Andrews

When The Dust Settles (A True Hollywood Story)
by John A. Andrews

Available 05/15/09

In life there are movers, shakers and detonators. Men made with that extra ordinary quality, and would not be denied of their rightful place in society. They seem to have what some may call “iron in their blood” and are driven by that steel-like-will-not-be-denied quality to succeed against all odds.

We’ve not only seen this extra-ness demonstrated in a man’s athletic ability but also in every combative situation in which their involvement occurred.

In 1990, Michael Jordan while playing for the Chicago Bulls, pursued respect for himself and his team by scoring three times his jersey number as he dropped 69 points on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In 1940 Sir Winston Churchill, elected as Britain’s Prime Minister delivered his famous “blood, toil and sweat” address. Victory is our aim, victory at all costs, victory in spite of terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there can be non survival. He also said, “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Churchill bent on perseverance led Britain through multiple wars with both his courage and strong determination. “His bull-dog determination smashed through every obstacle that stood in the road to victory. Dubbed as the “bull dog warrior,” friend and foe alike knew the meaning of his raised two forefingers which formed a “V”- victory at all costs.

I have already unveiled what drives us as men. But how do we acquire this awesome propellant? What causes us to rise to the occasion no matter what odds come against us? Is it something that we were born with -inherited from our genes? How did we get it? Is it something we acquired from a coach or some other leader who, as if by design, stepped into our life? Is it the refining process which brings out the best in us during our struggle to swim upstream? Is it inspiration? Is it belief?

As you assimilate my Hollywood Story, rest assured you will not only get introduced to me but will encounter with this all powerful motivating factor.

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