Whiskey Gulf by Dr. Clyde W. Ford

Whiskey Gulf
by Dr. Clyde W. Ford

Vanguard Press
Available 06/24/09

A sailboat fails to arrive at its next port of call after crossing into a live-fire naval exercise area just north of the border known as Whiskey Gulf. Charlie Noble is asked to investigate why the sailboat went missing, and what happened to the couple aboard. But Noble runs into a wall of secrecy erected by the American and Canadian governments, and into troubling questions about the real identity of the couple involved.

Ultimately, he and his partner, Raven, set sail on the Noble Lady in a case that leads them up the Inside Passage to the remote coast of British Columbia. There, they discover a hidden cove, which harbors answers about what really happened in Whiskey Gulf. But first they must survive a vicious attack in order to return with the truth. Set in the stunning wilderness of coastal British Columbia, Whiskey Gulf is a story about unearthing secrets from the past that others would rather remain concealed forever.

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