Can’t Let Go by Michele L. Waters

Mill City Press, Inc.
Available 03/02/09

Lisa Chambers is a beautiful, driven, hard-working, no nonsense woman to takes pride in leading a drama-free life. Her work ethic and business savvy have made her quite the successful real estate entrepreneur. Even the painful divorce from Collin, her husband of 20 years, couldn’t break her . . . or so she thought. As soon as Lisa begins to let go of the past and allow a new love interest into her life, Collin decides that he wants his wife back. Collin Chambers, a high-profile attorney, knows that the betrayal and deception that Lisa learned of was just the beginning of a web of lies and deceit. If anyone ever found out the whole truth his world would be ruined — both personally and financially. The pressure of keeping his secrets while trying to get his wife back sends Collin into a psychotic spiral which endangers the lives of everyone surrounding him — including he and Lisa’s precious daughter.

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