Cheating On My Mistress by S. Dodson

Cheating On My Mistress
by S. Dodson

Mahogney Ink
Available 05/01/09

Carmelo Miller is a retired NBA player who has game on and off the court. He has a large appetite for women, and the means to satisfy his hunger. He is often envied by the average man because unlike them he is able to juggle three ladies. (Cynthia) His high school sweet heart. She was the finest girl in school. She had it all 34-26-60 just the way he likes it. (Monique) A young vixen with the dreams of one day making it big and becoming a video girl. She lap danced her way right into his heart. This is how he fell in love with a stripper. (Augustine) An old school cutey. She is a flight attendant who believes a woman should always cater to her man. Her favorite saying is, Whatever you like. If this sounds border line impossible, Carmelo can teach you the game inside Cheating on my Mistress because nothing is out-of-bounds for this baller.

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