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John A. AndrewsAuthor John A. Andrews is also the founder of The SUCCESS Triangle – based on the 3 book series. This organization is dedicated to help individuals (1) Work on themselves. (2) Work with others. & (3) Work on their potential.

Andrews, a divorcee and dad of three sons ages 14, 12 and 10, was born in the Islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He grew up in a home of five sisters and three brothers. His parents were all about values: work hard, love God, and never give up on dreams.

Self-educated, John developed an interest for music. Although lacking the formal education, he later put his knowledge and passion to good use, moonlighting as a disc jockey in New York. This paved the way for further exploration in the entertainment world. John’s acting career began in 1994.

Leaving the Big Apple for Los Angeles over a decade ago not only put several national TV commercials under his belt but helped him to find his niche.

His passion for writing started in 2002, when he was denied the rights to a 1970’s classic film, which he so badly wanted to remake.

In 2007, while etching two of his original screenplays, he published his first book “The 5 Steps to Changing Your Life.” Currently he’s publishing his ninth volume, while writing the screenplay for “When The Dust Settles (A True Hollywood Story)” which is currently in development phase.

  1. What were the events that led you to create The SUCCESS Triangle? Did your books refine the concept or were they an outgrowth of the concept?

    In 2000-2002 I went through a divorce which knocked me completely off my feet. It was a severe blow, from which at times seemed like I’ll never recover. In my efforts to climb up from that fetal position after so many failed attempts, my first book “The 5 Steps To Changing Your Life” was etched.

    Last year I wrote “Spread Some Love (Relationships 101)” and just recently “Dare To Make A Difference (Success 101).” Collectively, without any prior planning those three books has served as the concept on which “me” climbing up from the bottom The SUCCESS Triangle Series was founded. A series, which will soon be taught in workshops and seminars around the world.

  2. What are the tenets behind The SUCCESS Triangle and your books? Are they based on your experiences, your relationships?

    The 5 Steps to Changing Your Life, which rests at the base of the triangle has to do with – working on YOU. Basically, changing your THOUGHTS, your WORDS, your ACTIONS, your CHARACTER and changing your WORLD.

    Spread Some Love (Relationships 101) has to do with – working with others. For, it is totally impossible to love others if you don’t first love yourself.

    Dare To Make A Difference (Success 101) has to do with – working with your potential and succeeding against all odds.

    All three sides of this triangle are built on my many experiences – rising from being a struggling actor to the author of several books as well as an entrepreneur. I have learned so much about myself and others.

  3. How did you get started with writing?

    I had no ambition being a writer. When I moved from New York to Hollywood in 1996 I wanted to act, that’s all. However, in 2002 after almost going bankrupt while owning and operating a model agency in Hollywood, I began hunting for other options to facilitate my rebounding process. It was at time that I stumbled into a 1970s classic film which I so badly wanted to remake. I was so sold on it. After 3 weeks of phone calls, I finally found the studio which held the rights to my pet project. I was rudely turned down by the woman answering the phone. She claimed that they weren’t willing to give up their rights to any third party. It was then that I decided that I was going to WRITE and some day they’ll come begging me to sell them my work.

    I wrote my first script in 29 days. Later, I showed a subsequent script to a director from my acting school. He sent me an email stating that I was such a novice and should give up writing. A year later I sent him another. This time he praised me for my work, stating that not to many people are adept at writing action thrillers. That added fuel to my fire.

  4. Did you get your script produced?

    At this point we’re finishing up the screenplay and would be attaching talent in the fall. There is a great talent pool to draw from and several characters has asked to “play themselves” in the movie. Additionally, an Oscar winning director is vying to helm the project. The story has also grabbed the attention of one of Hollywood’s top movie producers. When it comes down to it though, the best fit for the project takes precedence.

  5. What are you doing to market and promote your books? You have complimentary products — journals, workbooks, DVDs — as well as your website and a Facebook. How does it all work for you?

    Most of my marketing so far has been through Word Of Mouth. People seem to like what I have and they tell others about them. People love when things that are well packaged. So I’ve created some accessories to compliment my books. In regard to the Website and Facebook, these serve as other fishing ponds. Some people are busy and don’t frequent the bookstores, so these avenues help facilitating their shopping and upcoming products informational needs. In addition, I’m currently writing the screenplay for my new release “When The Dust Settles (A True Hollywood Story).” This film will be shot in 2010.

  6. And, when it comes down to meeting and greeting, what has been your experiences at signings and interviews? What kinds of responses do you get?

    I love book signings, they are fun. Interacting with people is delightful, I love the whole “belly to belly” aspect of marketing. For me, getting to know people and how my products can enhance their lives is well worth the late nights and early mornings I spend writing,

    At my first book signing event, I brought in a camera crew. They interviewed me before the signing of books. It was a very inspirational interview. Consequently, the bookstore sold over 90% of the books they had ordered.

  7. How much input do you get from your fans and critics? Do they influence your writing?

    I have discovered that most people are relationships conscious and desire to grow in this area. I’ve cataloged information from fan, readers and critics which will be released in one of my upcoming books in the fall. This book is mainly based on the transformation of those who’ve read my books.

  8. Thinking about influences, with a new president and a changing economy, people appear to be more reflective and introspective abut their jobs, their relationships, their homes, and their future. What are your thoughts? Is there a new project, a new book that will address these issues?

    I am glad that we have an African American officiating as our commander and chief. It shows that we as a nation will fight to the end to remove whatever walls stand in the way towards our destiny. We have to realize one thing though, and that is (him) being elected is just the results of the 1960s civil rights revolution – when among other things we fought for the right to vote. We need to now do the best that we can with our talents and abilities to continue to make our country a better place for all. This recession is a tough one but out of adversity comes forth major blessings. We need to help our kids to dream bigger and not wait until they’re adults to begin the process… as I reiterated to in my new book “Dare to Make a Difference (Success 101) For TEENS.”

    A book of the same title has just been released for adults. It is my prediction that through this economic downturn more self made millionaires will be create the ever before in our nation’s history.

  9. Do you feel that you have a unique message to spread as an African American and as an author?

    I wasn’t born in America. The main reason as I stated in DARE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE (Success 101) for me being here is – opportunity. This country offers anyone with a burning desire the opportunity to become whoever they want to be. It always puzzles me as to why not only African Americans but Americans on a whole don’t realize that they are blessed to be born in America. It takes traveling elsewhere for them to realize this. Many lose their lives trying to get here. Why? It is the land of opportunity. Yet many chose to remain dreamless or let their dreams elude them. There is room for more dreamers, after all visionaries have contributed towards making this country great. However, we need more of us to step off the sidelines and into the game. This is the playoffs – our country needs us.

    It has been a privilege and an honor participating in this interview.

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