Sense of Love by Sheryl Mallory-Johnson

Wanasoma Books
Available 03/18/09

True to life drama, nestled between wisdom and simplicity, SENSE OF LOVE unearths the complexity of love in ways all of us can relate to.

Sense of Love tells the story of Patricia (Pat) Colby, a beautiful newly divorced woman determined to succeed on her own, without a man.

That is, until she crosses paths with Steve Thurman, a man too fine to be real, a college professor, and widower with a daughter. Despite terrific chemistry between Pat and Steve, Prince Charming is missing one very important charm that leaves Pat yearning.

Disregarding her reservations, Pat puts her damaged heart on the line, accepts Steve’s marriage proposal and agrees to move into his beautiful home, bringing along her rebellious kids.

But there are words of warning from Pat’s deceased mother haunting her mind. There is also her ex-husband who resurfaces, with ulterior motives. There is Shay, Pat’s teenage son who begrudges Pat’s every decision. And there is Clea, Steve’s sister, a dominant figure in his life who despises the relationship and undermines Pat and Steve’s chance for love.

Fearing her life is spinning toward another crash landing, just as she gets close to realizing her lifelong dream, Pat’s determined to use the good sense God gave her, and for once, not be led by her heart.

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