The ORACLE Speaks … just because by Denise L. Cook

The ORACLE Speaks … just because
by Denise L. Cook (Author), D.L. Cook (Editor), DLC Graphics (Illustrator), Sandra Cooper (Illustrator)

Oracle Publishing
Available 12/08/08

The ORACLE Speaks … just because is designed to provide guidance through example. Noted author Denise L. Cook, known as The ORACLE, graces us with her unique blend of truth and straight-ahead honesty about things life. Through her cryptic poetry and prose style The ORACLE paints a picture you can see, hear, feel, smell and touch, all in a word…. SYMBOLISM, imagery and design by nature set the tone, balance and reference for perception. The symbolism in The ORACLE Speaks . . . just because is diverse and varies in genre, culture, spiritual influence and personal experience. The stories, poems and prose were born on the wings of the Phoenix of The ORACLE’s life. Each word and emotion embedded in the treacherous, powerful wings of change, uncertainty, promise and love. The VOID is where the ORACLE dwells. It represents the vast and infinite possibility for love, acceptance and understanding of self, God-self, and all that is in and of the universe . The ORACLE Cards which appear on the title page of The ORACLE Speaks … just because , represent aspects of the Spirit that make the ORACLE who she is. Each of the symbols are personal and universal: Peace, Honor, Unity, Balance, Truth, Integrity, Beauty, Pleasure, Wisdom. The meaning and significance of each specific to The ORACLE’s frame of mind during the course of her journey through the word of life. You ll find each translated in Latin on the card borders and/or represented by an image on the face of each card. The Tai Chi symbol at the end of each poem indicates just that. The end of the piece and the author’s hope for balance in the words, the message, and the spirit of intent. The five sections of the book, The VOID, PARADISE, INSIGHT, LOVE and COMPASSION, are arbitrary choices led by the flow of knowledge guided by God’s hand through the hands of the ORACLE. At the conclusion of each piece the author shares her ‘Motivation’ for writing and a space is provided the reader an opportunity to write ‘Your Thoughts’. Thus the book is personal and interactive. Many of the pieces are illustrated in full color by Los Angeles based artist Sandra Cooper and R. Vega, (Sandra’s ‘nom de’ art), and photos from Ms. Cook’s personal albums.

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