GFB Grown Fokes Bidniss by Hall-Crews

Eloquent Books
Available 06/15/09

Gerry Withers is a naive, church-going twenty-one year old black woman reared under the old school authoritarian rule of Gramma Mae. Though Mae’s heavy-handedness had successfully guided Gerry along the “straight and narrow” throughout her youth, it wields little power when Gerry impulsively marries a soldier she meets while working at the local commissary. It seems to be the ultimate coup to escape from Mae’s stronghold…until John is sent overseas to fight in the Korean War. Alone, inexperienced and unprepared for “big girl” life, Gerry becomes the target of Ben Cash, the notorious local playboy. Flattered by his advances and confused by her emotions, Gerry discovers that staying loyal to her marriage is more than a matter of resolve or grit.

GFB Grown Fokes Bidniss illustrates how a young woman, used to a simple life in which bossy grown folks called the shots for her, quickly landed herself neck deep in the kind of grown folk business adults shushed talking about ’til young ‘uns were clean out of earshot. Well-narrated in Ebonic dialect, and richly seasoned with soulful, southern, African-American traditions and culture, this tale also shows how Tampa’s blacks of the 1950s lived and succeeded in the face of racial restraints that literally cocooned them from white mainstream society.

One thought on “GFB Grown Fokes Bidniss by Hall-Crews”

  1. This is a good read…characters are believable and situations true to form of both that time period and today, where we have young married wives alone while their soldier husbands are fighting overseas.
    Gerry is a young married woman, married to a man she doesn’t love who is off fighting the war. Finally out from under her grandmother’s rule, she tries to lead a new, more grown and independent life…and then Ben Cash appears. Enjoy the good times, suffer the bad, but be sure to take the trip with Gerry…This book is one every woman will enjoy reading, and battle lines will be drawn for who Gerry should stay with… Do yourself a favor and experience the city of Tampa, FL, and Gerry’s life about fifty years ago; let your emotions ride the tide—read GFB: Grown Fokes Bidness.

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