Interview with Crisalyn Sachi

Author Crisalyn SachiCrisalyn Sachi is an author, army veteran, poet, and artist.

She began writing when her son was sent to Iraq during his first tour. On many sleepless nights, she wrote her recipes and poetry to ease the pain that her son was sent to the war. A few months later she finished writing her first cookbook called “What’s Cookyn’ Crisalyn?” This cookbook has a military theme with pictures from Iraq. She also developed her cartoon character, “General Mom” which is now her trademark that she puts on all of her books.

When Crisalyn wrote her second cookbook, “What’s Cookyn’ Crisalyn? Back To Iraq!”, both of her children were in Iraq at the same time while both of her parents and her grandmother became ill and died. Her biological father is still living. The poetry in this cookbook became more emotional. To make matters worse, her son’s first sergeant was killed two months after their unit was in Iraq. This cookbook is in memory of everyone that was mentioned. Crisalyn’s son and daughter return home from this tour in Iraq safely. Both children are featured in this cookbook.
The Life Of A Playa Playa” was written to encourage women to pick themselves up after a devastating heartbroken situation. It encourages them to be strong and to lean on God to pull them through their rough times. Since Crisalyn has lived through some trying times too over some of her past relationships, she was able to identify with other women that lived in these shoes. This novel was also written to convince men to stop being a player. The story lets them know what the end results will be. Crisalyn listened to her uncle’s story when he was a player and saw that he was remorseful of his wrong doings. Some of the stories were true and some were made up. Crisalyn thought that the point would get across no matter if the stories were true or not.
While her son was on his third tour in Iraq, Crisalyn wrote both of her children’s books. “Sporty Ball Friends” is a special children’s book because of Crisalyn’s dream the night before Mother’s Day. She saw all of the characters in her dream and what the story would be about. She drew all of the characters on Mother’s Day and finished the book a couple of months later. The characters are sport balls that are friends that have dreams of going to the NBA, Olympics and etc. This children’s book was written to encourage children to go after their dreams no matter what they are. With hard work and faith, they can achieve their dreams. This book comes in Christian and Non-Christian versions.

Go Win The Gold” was also written to encourage children to go after their dreams. This time Crisalyn used a track star for the character. This book also comes in the Christian and Non-Christian versions. Since the schools do not allow God to be in the schools, the Non-Christian version allows all children to be encouraged to achieve their dreams too.

She is currently writing more children’s books, novels and cookbooks. She designs and/or illustrates her own covers. She includes some kind of poetry in every book that she writes. She has been an artist all of her life and a poet since the seventh grade. The info on all of her books can be found on Crisalyn’s website

  1. What led you to start writing?
    When my son went to the war in Iraq during his first tour, I could not sleep at night so I got up and started writing poetry and recipes down. By doing this, my first book was written which was called “What’s Cookyn’ Crisalyn?” During this time I also drew my trademark symbol which is General Mom.

  2. Was there a particular inspiration behind writing “Go Win The Gold”?
    God inspired me to write all of my books. He has given me the opportunity to attend the World’s Championship in Japan where I met some of the athletes. I wanted to write some career books to encourage children to go after their dreams. My life’s experiences also inspired “Go Win The Gold“. The championship competition is more moving in person than on TV.
  3. How long did it take you to write “Go Win The Gold”?
    It took me about four months to write and illustrate “Go Win The Gold“.
  4. What was your experience like writing “Go Win The Gold”? How did it differ from your other books?
    Every book that I write and illustrate is quite emotional for me. I started to learn how to draw with the computer about 5 years ago. That was a challenge for me since I was used to freehand drawing and painting. Once that I thought that my artwork was perfected enough to make it a part of my children’s book, my ability to tell a story in a poetic format along with my art, made my children’s books unique. It was different from my other books because this was the first time that I drew people in a book of mine that was published.
  5. Have you received much support?
    I have very little support. I am in need of some support so that my books can do what they are meant to do — encourage people. All of my books have a message of some kind through my poetry. I would love to be able to get a marketer or something. I also do not have the financial support.
  6. How does it feel to be a published author?
    I am amazed that I am a published author because, in my childhood, I tried to stay away from reading and writing. Then I realized, after writing the first cookbook, that I have some messages of encouragement. To know that I could make a difference even if it is one person, is very uplifting to me. God has amazed me giving me this talent and I am sometimes speechless at the end results of my book writing accomplishments.
  7. What are you doing to promote your book? What has the experience been like?
    I have promoted my books on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Amazon and Yahoo. I have also made business cards and flyers that I passed out. I have been featured in three newspapers, I have given books away, I have joined several book club sites and I also try to promote my books by word of mouth. The experience has been long and hard, but I refuse to give up because I would not be doing this if God had not lead me to. All things of God are successful whether it looks like it or not.
  8. Have you been pleased with the reviews of your book?
    I do not officially have a review on my book, but anyone that reads it are amazed and loves it. I get great compliments on my work.
  9. With so much effort in writing and getting your book published, were you ready for the comments and feedback that accompanies every book review?
    In all of the books that I have written, I only have one negative review. I think that is pretty good. But I looked at that review as positive because the reader got mad at the main character. I wanted the emotion to be there for anyone that read my novel “The Life Of A Playa Playa.” So I felt that if the reader was that upset, then I did my job of bringing the reader into the story. I welcome anyone who would like to review me whether they are good or bad because I will grow from both.
  10. Do you have plans for your next book?
    I have over thirty books in my head. I come up with new ideas all of the time. I plan on writing two children’s books, two novels, and two cookbooks in the near future. Whatever God leads me to write, I will be obedient and do His will. I embrace the subjects that the Lord inspires me to write and I know whatever He has for me will be.

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