Revenge Of The Cheating Mistress by S.Dodson

Mahogney Ink Publications
Available 04/01/10 in Perfect Paperback

Revenge Of The Cheating Mistress is centered around the life of an authoress/professional mistress named Larissa Calhoun. She is cute in the face and thin in the waist. One bad relationship after another causes her to explore her life’s purpose that is to make all men pay. In the midst of her drama, her rise to fame comes unexpectedly as her novels top the New York times and Essence magazine best seller’s lists. Things are going great until she discovers her ex-lover has become a pastor at one of the biggest mega-churches in the south. Larissa becomes angry and uses this as an excuse to convert back into her vengeful ways in hopes of finding out if the old saying is true once a cheater always a cheater.

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