THREE LIVES by Joe Washington Suspense/Thriller Press Release


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(Kansas City, MO, March, 2010)


At the core of Joe Washington’s debut novel, Three Lives, is Nicholas Gambit, a young African American hero in training that hails from the center of the nation.

Like a lot of mid westerners, Gambit can’t help but to be genuine, evident even when he’s in the process of dismantling a team of well trained “people killers”. This quality draws readers ever closer to him, leaving them invested in his survival and desperate to see him flourish. Without pandering, Washington’s main character is extremely likeable, transporting readers into his adventures rather than merely witnessing them.

Though the story takes the reader all over the world and has shown remarkable promise with people from all backgrounds, this book will hold special interest for people of color.  Except for Mosley and the Alex Cross novels by Patterson, we seldom see black characters in today’s literary marketplace, both male and female, portrayed with such strength, diversity and legitimacy.

For readers of any ethnic background however, Three Lives delivers a host of attributes that will surprise and move: action that literally causes one to grip the pages of the book a little tighter; Joe’s clear understanding and familiarity with issues related to combat and international espionage; and most importantly, characters that ring true because of their humanity — flaws and all.

Throughout the development process, we have endeavored to find legitimate comparison titles.  The outcome of our search was surprising.  We simply could not find any. Three Lives could become the new standard for African American fiction, especially in a genre that has been virtually untouched by black authors.

Joe Washington
Publisher: Midnight Mercury
Price: Paperback        $12.99        ISBN: 9780615279930
Hardcover        $22.95        ISBN: 9780982417409
EBook             $7.99          ISBN: 9780982417416
Availability Date: 4/30/2010
Publication Date: 5/15/2010
Pages: 357 Trim: 5.5/8.5
Subject Category: Fiction/Suspense
Distribution Website:
Distribution: Book Hub, Inc., Wholesalers: Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bookazine

Description: For most of us, one life is enough. Imagine having three. Nicholas Gambit did. One man, three very different reasons for being. Almost graduated from University and soon to leave a Kansas City ghetto he can’t wait to get away from, Nicholas is drawn into a conflict he wants no part of. His world crashing down around him, surrounded by violence, he learns he has some very special talents. Even with those talents, he finds he can’t protect everyone and when the nightmare is finally over, he is consumed. He is devoid of purpose, inconsolable, lost.

Upon observing how Nicholas conducts himself, and what he is capable of, agent John Wilkes devises a new purpose for him. He soon invites his protégé to enlist in a program few know exists. Too emotionally drained to see that it is a mistake, Nicholas allows himself to be secreted away into a life that he thinks will give his existence meaning and pit him against those who place themselves above the law. Instead, he finds himself at war with his own principles — fearful he will become the enemy he has sworn to fight.

In the course of the transformation from artless college student to inconceivably skilled government operative, Nicholas finds love where it is forbidden, is made into a cold blooded murderer, and ultimately seeks out redemption by allowing another a chance to rediscover her own humanity.

Marketing Strategies:

•  Marketing will include 10 city author tour (coast to coast with heavy emphasis on the Midwest), trade and consumer advertising, mailings, trade show-BEA, online promotion

•  $15,000 marketing budget over course of first year title is in print

•  Publicity team promotes book on websites that cater to readers that read Ludlum, Clancy and Patterson novels and author interviews and television during tour

•  Staged marketing approach.  Local, then national and international.  Target African Americans, the military, college age readers, adventure readers and general readers of fiction in bookstores, libraries, book clubs and discount stores

•  Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, all AALBC properties, and military distributor’s Bestseller lists.

• advertisement and promotions on search engines


After serving in the military, Joe distinguished himself in the private sector, working with detective and contract security firms throughout the United States.  His new company, MidMerc L.L.C. offers unique perspectives on many fields: Real Estate; Holistic Healthcare, and of course – publishing.

Joe has long held a passion for literature and the arts, writing media scripts and freelancing for corporate firms as well as performing in advertising campaigns, television and print.

Reader Comments:

On my last deployment, I took the book to Iraq with me. After arriving, a friend asked me to read it so I told him he could borrow it. It took me five months to get it back and by that point, every Marine on the base had read it except for me! When I finally did get a chance to read it, I understood why it been in such high demand. Three Lives is a great, fun and unique book. I DARE you not to get sucked into it.

–           Carl Orrell, Iraq War Vet and Purple Heart Recipient

Although I don’t find myself reading a lot of books in this genre, I have to admit . . . this book drew me in from page one and kept me caught up in the action until the very end. I loved it and I can’t wait to see what comes out of Mr. Washington’s brain (pen) next.

–           Sandra Moran, Professor of Anthropology and Freelance Writer

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