A Promise of Fidelity by G.M. Cummings

Professional Publishing House
Available 02/01/10 in Paperback

Jonathan Prudhomme, a middle-aged, millionaire playboy, suddenly wakes up in a hospital with a broken leg. He had been vacationing in Mexico until the freak accident occurred. Because he s flat on his back for a month in a New Orleans hospital, he has plenty time to think about his life, and how he has squandered it, leaving a trail of broken hearts and enemies in its wake. Is someone out to kill him? Is voodoo involved?

In his helpless state, Jonathan is attended by some very unusual and gifted nurses and his life begins to undergo a metamorphosis. But is it enough to ward off the spell of intrigue and witchcraft that has been cast over him and threatens to consume his, body and soul?

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