Interview with G. M. Cummings

G. M. CummingsG. M. Cummings is a divorced mother of four beautiful, children. A nurse for over 25 years, she is an anointed singer , songwriter, and worship leader. She enjoys anything artistic such as cooking, interior decorating, and fashion design. Currently she is busy promoting her book and CD “Stay”. She resides in Inglewood, CA.

A work that was 10 years in the making, A Promise of Fidelity is G. M. Cummngs‘ first novel.

  1. Tell us about A Promise of Fidelity and the inspirations behind it.
    A Promise Of Fidelity is about the power of God to deliver from the grips of witchcraft. It was inspired by a dream that I had one night about a millionaire playboy who suddenly awakens in a New Orleans hospital following a freak accident. He soon discovers someone is out to get him. He is aided by 5 beautiful nurses who become his friends. He vows to change his scandalous ways but finds out his only hope of survival is in God, who he really does not care to know.


  2. From those inspirations, how do you go about creating and developing your characters and your plot? Was it difficult?
    The characters and plot were based on my dream. I simply expanded it. Some of the situations were inspired by real life as well. The characters came to life after I lived with them for 4 months. That’s how long it took to finish the book.
  3. Is writing easy for you? Have you published other items before?
    This book was very easy to write and so much fun! My friends inspired me by reading along as I wrote. This is my first novel.

  4. What was the process like in preparing the book to be published?
    I wrote this book 10 years ago. Six months ago, a friend found the script and started reading it to me. It came alive again inside me. I knew in my spirit, God was saying “Publish it now! No more excuses!” He led me to people who took interest and helped me out. Dr. Rosie Milligan, a black publisher, told me to self-publish and she would guide me along. Then, God miraculously provided the funds for me to do so.

    I had to do a lot of proofreading and corrections. Then the book was evaluated by Dr. Milligan. Once she okay’ed all the changes then it was edited. The cover design was suggested by a friend who thought that picture of me would give it “shelf appeal.” Then, it was off to the formatting and printing. This all took about 5 months.

    A Promise of Fidelity


  5. What has the feedback been like?
    Most people say they can’t put the book down! At least ten have told me that they read it in 2 days. Some are suggesting that there should be a sequel. The book is very sexy, intriguing and exciting (if I say so myself.) (smile)

  6. What are you doing to market and promote your books?
    I am doing a commercial for radio as well as web-commercials. I am hitting the warm market assisted by friends — book clubs, book signings, passing out postcards, Facebook. I am also doing a website which is still under construction.

  7. Any plans for a next project?
    I am on chapter eight of my next book, Destiny Delayed. This is the story of a middle-aged woman who is asking herself the question, have I missed my chance to make it big because of so many mistakes and wrong choices? She feels God is saying it’s not too late, and then watches in awe as God performs the impossible in her life.

    There will be a sequel to A Promise of Fidelity — I’m naming it St. Vincents Place. All of the main characters will appear in this book. It will be just as sultry and sexy. Katrina Collins will be dealing with the issue of temptation in the work place when the doctor she works with falls madly in love with her.


  8. What are your favorite reads? What books are your shelves?
    Favorite reads? Inspirational books like “A Purpose Driven Life.” Honestly, I do not consider myself an avid reader. I am a hopeless romantic so when I choose a novel it usually because of the romance aspect. I am a very spiritual person, gifted you might say. I have dreams that come true and on occasion I see visions so spiritual books are particularly interesting.

    I consider the book A Promise of Fidelity to be inspiring because it deals with real issues about sex infidelity and Gods power to deliver from witchcraft.

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