Sensual Sounds

Take time out to slow down and appreciate love in various forms. From love of self to love of that special someone. “Sensual Sounds” will help you apppreciate the world around you. Available on amazon and Published by IUniverse.

Sensual Sounds: A Collection
by Marcie Eanes

Available 01/20/10 in Paperback

Sensual Sounds is a thought-provoking poetry collection designed to inspire and encourage readers to cherish intimate relationships. Nationally featured writer, poet and motivational speaker Marcie Eanes draws for everyday experiences to create compelling poetic verse.

Sensual Sounds is separated into five sections. Each reflects Eanes’s skill and talent in encouraging readers to rediscover personal passions and mend strained relationships along with celebrating everyone’s bliss. Sensual Sounds contains something for everyone. Eanes’s upbeat poetry, which has been presented in a variety of settings, resonates with audiences everywhere. Among poetry’s varied landscape, Eanes’s unique voice is much needed nourishment for the soul. Sensual Sounds is a priceless addition to all avid poetry lovers’ collections.

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