In Laws and Play Cousins by Robyn Gant

“Childhood friends are inadvertently exposed to an accidental murder and as they grow older, circumstances in their lives cause them to reflect back to the tragic event. Nubia Jamison is a filmmaker with a successful company, a volatile love life and an in-law who competes for her man’s attention; Tina Campbell becomes a lawyer and dedicates part of her time to appealing a wrongful conviction; Her cousin Eva Gaultier passes the state bar but spends her time engaged in promiscuity; and Tracie Chesterson, a computer expert, uses her technological wizardry to wreak havoc and revenge into the life of an unsuspecting man and his family.”

From the heart of Los Angeles to the South of France, In Laws and Play Cousins tells a story about love and heartbreak, success and envy and the price it ultimately commands.

4 thoughts on “In Laws and Play Cousins by Robyn Gant”

  1. You know, I at first had my doubts of what I might find beyond the cover. I was so pleasantly surprised to find such an easy read. I became so caught up in the life portrayed drama, I did not put the book down until I finished it. So my question is, Soul Sista – what happens next?

  2. A page turner! I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Her characters sound like my girlfriends, down to earth, college educated and sophisticated but don’t take no mess. A real good read.

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