Dutchess (Volume 1)
by Dutchess (Author), Jeremy Drummond (Author), Maurice Hawthorne (Contributor)

Available March 1, 2010 in Paperback

Meet Sade “Dutchess” Blackwell. A good girl from a wealthy family. Her mother is a gifted Federal Prosecutor, and her father is a Drug Enforcement Agent who is secretly affiliated with a notorious criminal enterprise. Unlike her parents, Sade chooses to become like the people who her parents have worked hard to keep off the street. Her innocence disintegrates, once she witnesses the assassination of her father right before her very own eyes.

From that day forth, a good girl goes bad. Jay-Z once said that, “Once a good girl has gone bad, she’s gone forever.” This statement holds true for Sade. Her ruthless acts earn her the nickname Dutchess. As Sade rises to the level of Queenpin in the drug business, she faces many obstacles. Will her mother the Federal Prosecutor, unknowingly build a case against her daughter? Or will the man who allegedly had her father killed, Kennytha Baptiste, have her taken out the game first for invading his territory?

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