Captured Hearts by Sherlyn Powell

Sylvia Masters is a hot fifty-two year old widow and CEO of The Masters Investment Group. After her husband passed, her focus turned tot raising their three children and getting the company her husband started ranked among the Fortune 500.

Lieutenant Julian Reynolds is on the scene to inform her of the murder of her former fiancee, Addison Lockwood. When the Lieutenant goes to the Masters’ home to question Sylvia he is blown away by her beauty.

Her looks and strong personality inspire Lieutenant Reynolds to solve the case and pursue the woman of his dreams.

When Sylvia offers the Lieutenant a cup of coffee their hands touch and their eyes lock. After a tumultuous beginning, Julian summons up the courage to ask Sylvia to dinner. Problem: Julian is ten years younger and Sylvia isn’t interested in being labeled a Cougar.

Refusing the Lieutenant’s invitation, Sylvia is flattered that this much younger man who is also fine is obviously interested in her. The undeniable chemistry is hard to resist. What would her family say?

Can Sylvia have a future with Julian?

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