GLORY…THE HAIR by Sandra Hamer

Glory…The Hair takes you inside Touch-Up, Shelia Kennedy’s upscale hair salon where some of Memphis’ finest are getting their hair whipped. After Shelia has a slip of the scissors so to speak, the entire city is a buzz about the two. Jennifer once cordial with Shelia is now taking her to court over hair and it has nothing to do with a bad relaxer.

Jennifer has to rely on her faith to keep from “going postal” but she doesn’t stop there. Shelia needs to be taught a lesson. Hairdressers are supposed to be a woman’s best friend. She believes that Shelia intentionally cut her hair just because she’s “j”. Shelia believes that Jennifer has it all wrong, but now it’s being played out in the court of public opinion and in a court of law.

Christian Fiction Author Sandra Hamer is a middle school reading teacher with Memphis City Schools. The first time novelist is also a playwright, poet and budding screenwriter. The former television news reporter/anchor is currently working on a sequel to Glory…The Hair and two non-fiction books.

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