Mirror, Beware! by Dream Summore

Antoinette Rodgers, known by everyone as Toni, is a stunning, vibrant, young girl that loves the Lord with aspirations of playing in the WNBA. Toni is torn between what she knows to be true and her dream of being a basketball star when she meets a famous, rap artist. Toni becomes addicted to this new way of life causing her to turn away from God and into a downward spiral of destructive behavior. Will Toni be able to find her way back to God, discover true love, and fulfill her dream? Or, is it too late for Tonis dreams to become reality?

See why this book is so inspirational, so real, and has such an impact where people want other spin-off stories or Sagas. You can get on GStreetChronicles.com (Inspirational Side); www.DreamSummore.webs.com (while personalized autographed copies lasts) and www.Dream4More.us. YA Inspirational Drama. Adults 80 and under are reading it now.

G Street Chronicles
Available June 30, 2010 in Paperback

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