Fate What goes Around Comes Around

Fate: What goes around comes around by Patrick Bethea

Xlibris Corporation
Available June 7, 2010 in Hardcover

In his powerful debut novel, Bethea takes us on an inevitable course of events taking place in the metro D.C. area, where childhood friends and lovers, Puck and Marie are caught up in a web that could only be weaved by Fate. As Puck is dying an evitable death at the hands of a grimy snitch, his son Puck, Jr. is being born.

PJ grows up with only one thought consuming him constantly-avenging his father’s death. Finding true love in Alise still can’t slow down his lifelong vendetta.

Love, rage, drugs and murder equals Fate: What goes around comes around.

This is one of the best book i have read, this book will have you wanting more. It has all the elements for a best seller.Check this book out and see for yourself and this is a new writer. – Books of Soul reviewer

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