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I have released my very first novel and am beyond excited about the possibility of you reading it. I have created a story that is intriguing and intertwines various factors that can occur within a relationship. Oftentimes same-sex relationships are viewed from only one standpoint; which is unfair. I believe it is important to write against the stereotype, affording readers an opportunity to see beyond the acts of sex and get a closer look into the hearts of men who love men.

So far those that have read my book have been overwhelmed with emotion and stressed the urgency of a sequel. I am certain that each new reader whether gay or straight, male or female, will find a relatable segment in the novel that will force them to step out the box of judgment and ask themselves “What would I have done?”. Don’t be left out of the loop; order your copy and find out what occurs within “The End of the Rainbow.”

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The End of the Rainbow by Donta Morrison
Available October 21, 2010 in Paperback

Tyrin and Khalil, are two men that have earned the privilage of living well. A beach home in Malibu, expensive cars, business owners, and a promising future together. Their love surpasses expectation and some view them as the ultimate Black gay couple. They have surrounded themselves with a strong circle of friends and are determined to prove that two men can succeed at love. However, one phone call will forever change the course of their relationship and hurl the two into a whirlwind of betrayal, heartbreak and new found spiritual refuge. Does love have limitations, or can it really conquer all? Discover what happens when the perfect love turns chaotic; and everyone in their circle is relentlessly impacted by a devastating mistake never meant to surface. Friendships are questioned, faith is put to the test and the prayers of a mother are answered in the most unsuspecting of ways.

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