Chico Rudo … El Imparable will be released on April 25, 2011

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March 18th 2011

Chico Rudo … El Imparable Will Be Released on April 25, 2011


Less than seven months after the release of his hard hitting novel Rude Buay … The Unstoppable, prolific, national bestselling author John A. Andrews not only prepares for April signings in the New York Tristate area but is poised to release this diabolically encapsulating chronicle in the Spanish edition.

Andrews, a visionary, saw the need to etch Chico Rudo … El Imparable after a booksigning tour of Puerto Rico earlier this year. It was during that visit to PR that he met with film commissioners to discuss the possibility of filming some scenes for the movie on that Island.

This original story is a “drug prevention” action thriller, sending a strong message to teens and adults alike. Andrews, not only delivers it with grit and gumption but allows it to pound at your heart, while tugging at your flesh. Its twists and turns are guaranteed to deliver you a roller coaster experience.

The Caribbean has been without a hero since “Ivanhoe Martin” played by reggae artist Jimmy Cliff in The Harder They Come back in 1973. Rude Buay emerges as a new branded hero with a no holds barred mindset. His wittiness and tenacity portrays a character not only possessing grit but longevity as well.

A Chinese edition is expected to follow this Spanish edition in time for the Beijing Book Fair in September, according to Books That Will Enhance Your Life – its publishing entity. Pre-production of the film could begin as early as fall 2011, according to Andrews, one of the producers.

Rude Buay … The Unstoppable is a blend of Traffic meets Casino Royale with Charlie’s Angels gone cor-rupt, set in Jamaica, Miami and Columbia.

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