2011 Leimert Park Village Book Fair in Los Angeles

The 5th Annual Leimert Park Village Book Fair in Los Angeles is scheduled for Saturday, June 25th, from 10am to 6pm.

As in our previous festivals, the Book Fair will attract a large number of visitors to the Leimert Park Village for an entertaining day of readings, poetry, and musical entertainment. The centerpiece will be the Authors Tent where we will gather our community of authors to share and sell their works to the public.

The 2011 line-up for the Leimert Park Book Fair of authors, panel discussions, and entertainment promises to be the BEST year ever.

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  1. Charles Bibbs Named Official Artist

    Acclaimed artist Charles Bibbs was named the “Official Artist of the Leimert Park Village Book Fair.” In February, Bibbs was recognized by city council during African American Heritage Month in Los Angeles City Hall for his contributions to the book fair. Bibbs unveiled his work, “The Reader,” in celebration of the book fair’s fifth anniversary. His image, “The Reader,” will appear on all marketing and event materials.

    Bibbs’ works displays a unique, strong and stylized quality done in a combination of abstract and realistic interpretations of contemporary subjects that are beautifully fused into multi-faceted ethnicity, larger-than-life images. His technique can be distinguished from most artists by the way in which he combines acrylics and inks to obtain rich undertones of line textures.

    He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented by the African American Chamber of Commerce; a United Negro College Foundation Honoree Award; a NAACP Freedom Community Award; a Save The Arts Award, and Riverside’s Finest Award. He’s also been a recipient of the “Key to the City” Award in majors cities across the United States.

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