Darker Than Night by Brandon Massey

A collection of twelve previously published suspense and horror short stories by award-winning thriller writer, Brandon Massey.

The stories contained in DARKER THAN NIGHT include:

Granddad’s Garage: Was their beloved grandfather just a pack rat? Or a guardian of forgotten treasures?

Daddy’s Little Girl: Her father was so overbearing that he’ll go to any lengths–even murder–to keep his daughter safe . . .

The Sting: One man’s deepest fears come to terrifying life when he crosses the wrong person.

After the Party: Getting pulled over by a cop in the middle of the night is only the beginning of your troubles.

Hitcher: Never pick up strangers . . . no matter how beautiful . . .

A Walk Through Darkness: Is it really possible to commit the perfect murder?

The Monster: Is there something deadly under the bed–or is it only a figment of a child’s imagination?

Death Notice: She considered it her duty to report on the recently deceased . . . until they decided to reach out to her on their own . . .

The Woman Next Door: Taking a bite of the forbidden fruit just might be your undoing . . .

Presumed Dead: Sometimes, even though you really can go back home, perhaps you never should . . . because death might be waiting for your return.

The Last Train Home: A hard-working young mother is plunged into the ultimate nightmare.

Ghostwriter: A writer discovers an unexpected cure for writer’s block–in the cemetery next door . . .

This collection also features two bonuses: an excerpt from LIVE AGAIN, a supernatural thriller by L.R. Giles, and an excerpt from Massey’s newest suspense thriller, COVENANT.

Dark Corner Publishing
Available March 24, 2011 in Kindle Edition

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