Pistols and Prayers by Ise Lyfe

Pistols and Prayers” binds together a collection of writings by Spoken Word Hip-Hop Theater Artist, Ise Lyfe. Prayers, poetry, journal entries, rhymes, and short essays penned by this young writer come together as a powerful collage of thought provoking socio-political commentary, blended with a glimpse into the author’s coming of age as a man, Artist, and advocate for social change.

This book reflects a rare mind. The pages that manifest this narrative are heavy-handed yet easy to take in at the same time. Ise takes the reader everywhere; from self written letters to God, to one line anecdotes that stir you at your core. Serious, thoughtful, and vulnerable- yet considerate, funny, and welcoming. One minute you’re reading about the commodification of Blacks, death, life observations, or provocative rhymes full of socio-political content. The next thing you know you’re reading about the author’s feeling on people texting “LOL” or the ever random and hilarious anecdotes, such as “God Fell from the Sky One Day”…

Available March 5, 2010 in Paperback

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