Sacred Prayers by Gloria Lindsay

This book, Sacred Prayers, Volume 1, is written as a conduit to help open our spiritual pathway and guide us toward the holy treasure which is within each of us, connecting us to the Infinite Divine Inner Realms.

Each prayer presented in this volume speaks to us personally, expressing insights into the reality underlying all life, holiness, and the Divine, while presenting us with the freedom to explore and commune with the Sacred Indwelling Presence that is within each of us.

God bless all of you who read these special words. They are yours as well as mine. As you read Sacred Prayers, know that in whatever you do, you are not alone, for a host of Hallowed Beings are always with each of us at all times.

(Other published words by this author include two inspirational books: Connections with Spirit and Guided by Spirit. Triumph over Trauma, her third book, is a memoir of the challenges the author’s younger daughter faced from a difficult birth, which she overcame to achieve success both academically and musically, and even joining MENSA in her youth).

Available December 22, 2010 in Paperback

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  1. Gloria Lindsay, Author of Sacred Prayers will be interviewed on on online radio on June 15, 2011 discussing her new book

    Hello Everyone, I will be interviewed by Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick on ; then click on Listen Live link. The interview will be mainly on my new book, Sacred Prayers, Volume One, and will be aired live at 11 to 12 noon Pacific Time, 1:00 P.M. Central, 2:00 P.M.. Eastern, and 9:00 P.M.. Jerusalem Time.

    I hope you will be able to tune in. If not, it will be saved in the archives. I may be able to actually read a prayer or two online!

    Take care,

    Gloria Lindsay, Author of Sacred Prayers, Volume One.

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