The Comic Killer by Derrick Ellis

The Comic Killer is about a rising stand-up comic who experience some adversity and ultimately his ability to make people laugh eventually turns sour, therefore, turning him into a cruel Comic Killer!

In this short novel/novella, Denver Thomas (the main character in which the story is built around) sets up a plan to get his revenge on the entire comedy game. The story has some suspenseful situations as well as some mystery, sexual content, and humor moments. Derrick Ellis who’s a professional stand-up comedian, entrepreneur, writer, and author, decided to write a story base on his imagination of a kid who was left somewhat alone, after the death of his mother and the incarceration of his father and discovered that stand-up comedy could be a way for him to forget about the past as well as build a successful career in something that he fell in love with. However, after a series of events happened, Denver sets up a plan to get his revenge; therefore, turning him into a cruel COMIC KILLER!

Available August 27, 2010 in Kindle Edition

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