The Eternal Engagement by Mary B. Morrison

From New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison comes a moving, unforgettable story of lives at a crossroads, love lost and found, and the price of secrets.

Mona Lisa Cunningham never thought she’d find romance again. It took everything she had to escape a life of fear and abuse — and remake herself as an independent, confident woman. Now, she has a successful career, a new life in Seattle, and a devoted fiance, William.

But Mona’s fresh start is plagued by an overwhelming deception. To keep William safe, Mona refuses to set a wedding date, finding every excuse but the truth. Frustrated and confused, William begins to think about the road not taken: Katherine, the high-school sweetheart he had to leave behind and always regretted losing. And when Katherine contacts him out of the blue and reveals a long-kept secret, it reignites a passion neither can resist.

Now, to reclaim William and her chance at happiness, Mona will have to come clean and put her past to rest. But when her attempt to make things right goes heartbreakingly wrong, all three will face the consequences of too many lies. And with their lives irrevocably changed, they will need hope, courage-and an unshakeable belief in the promise of forever . . .

Kensington Books
Available July 26, 2011 as a Kindle Edition

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