Interview with Dr. Lottie Perkins

Dr. Lottie Perkins will be appearing at the Leimert Park Village Book Fair on Saturday, June 25.

Lottie PerkinsDr. Lottie Perkins is a registered nurse, Certified Natural Wellness consultant, author, and a motivational speaker with over 40 years being a prominent voice in the field of health. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing, a master’s degree in Health Administration, and a Doctorate Degree in Alternative Healing.

A successful entrepreneur of 30 years, Dr. Lottie is the CEO/President of Perkins Enterprises, Health Consultation and training which provides: healthy lifestyle consultation and coaching, continuing education for health professionals, and consultation to health care agencies.

She is the author of Eating to Die: Changing African American Attitudes About Health — a practical, easy to read book that provides internal power and insight on how improper food choices, preconditioned social behaviors, lack of self control, and racial disparities are killing the African American community at an alarming rate.

Even with its serious implications, “Eating to Die” is light-hearted. Readers on the journey to good health will be inspired by the arsenal of antidotes, questions to ponder, and tips (food, exercise, relaxation) that teach and inform, while the author impresses upon the readers the attainable possibility of enriched and healthy living.

More information can be found on her website at

(1) Tell us about Eating to Die. What led you to write about health and nutrition?

I was led to write about health and nutrition because it is our foundation for having quality of life. I specifically wrote Eating to Die because African Americans are getting sick and dying from preventable diseases at a higher rate than other ethnic groups.

After watching the health of my family, friends, co-workers, and patients deteriorate, I was emotionally drained. I wanted to understand why we as African Americans would not, or did not, take better care of ourselves. Too many of us are stricken with life threatening illnesses, or are debilitated because of poor diets, harmful customs, mismanagement of medical problems, and a complete lack of commitment to exercise.

(2) What was the process like in getting the Eating to Die published?

It was a long challenging process but very rewarding in the end.

(3) What are you doing to promote Eating to Die?

I promote my book on Facebook, Twitter, blog, Website (, when I lecture, as a vendor at book fairs, and on-going advertisement on

(4) What are your favorite books or authors on this subject? Anything special that you have recently read?

“Conscious Eating” by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
“The Sunfood Diet Success System” by David Wolf
“The China Study” by T. Colin Campell, PhD and Thomas M. Campell II

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