Bestselling author, John A. Andrews releases Part I of his Hollywood Story.

Just over a decade ago, prolific, national bestselling author John A. Andrews moved from New York to Hollywood to pursue his acting career. Now, with almost two dozen published titles under his belt. He releases the biographical romance thriller – Whose Woman Was She? Giving readers a glimpse inside his True Hollywood Story, a biography etched in two volumes.

Andrews, once as a struggling actor found his niche, writing, in 2002. This career, nucleated out of a divorce, setbacks, and in addition to meeting the attraction, Eve.

Eve Butler is the embodiment of genuine beauty. In search of a modeling career, she eagerly embraced Hollywood. Ironically, her vision takes a backseat upon meeting the man who would sign her, and she would not let up until she seduces him.

Andrews a devoted businessman, refusing from mixing business with pleasure, is in pursuit of Eve to become his franchise model. He inadvertently falls for Eve, and finds himself entangled in a web of sexual attraction and duplicity.  Andrews soon wakes up to the realization that Eve is not only a devil in disguise, but she is wanted.

Andrews, not only delivers his story in a colorful dramatic documentary, but allows it to satisfy all the five senses.

The upcoming Spanish edition ¿Cuya Mujer Fue Ella?, is set for a summer release, according to Books That Will Enhance Your Life its publisher. As well as part II of his bio, When The Dust Settles – I Am Still Standing. This inspirational and motivational saga will be previewed at Book Expo America, May 24-26, 2011.

John A. Andrews’ complete biography: When The Dust Settles – I Am Still Standing and Whose Woman Was She? Is a blend of The Pursuit of Happyness and Devil in A Blue Dress.

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