Black Woman Redefined by Sophia Nelson

Since Michelle Obama has been thrust into the spotlight as the first black First Lady in January 2009, everywhere you look, from major newspapers, documentary films, and national TV talk shows to music videos, universities, and corporate settings, professional black women are a hot topic of discussion — for better or worse.

In Black Woman Redefined, Sophia A. Nelson, respected national opinion columnist, JET Magazine feature political writer, and MSNBC Analyst arms black women of this present and the next generation with the necessary tools and encouragement to redefine themselves and overcome destructive notions floating around in the media that these women can’t have it all — a career, a love life, and a healthy balance. In a sentence: this book helps black women take their lives from one of achievement, to one of love and fulfillment in this new age of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Black Woman Redefined teaches black women how to transform unsettling trends, such as high workplace stress, damaging stereotypes, emotional wellness problems, and challenging personal life options, to better achieve:
• Positive, multi-dimensional relationships
• Balanced and emotionally rewarding lives
• Good health & financial freedom
• Spirituality that doesn’t reject their human sexuality
• Satisfying, successful and flexible careers

Nelson uses original, groundbreaking national research conducted by nationally respected pollster Kellyanne Conway the Polling company/Woman Trend and Xavier University pollster like Dr. Silas Lee to provide black women with the answers to the burning questions that everyone is asking about them: Why are so many accomplished black women seemingly suffering from depression & loneliness? Has Michelle Obama moved the ball for professional black women in a new and positive direction? Why can’t professional black women truly crack the glass ceiling in corporate America? Why such a huge wealth gap between professional black women and their white counterparts? Why are 70 percent of all black professional women unmarried? And why over 43% will never marry?

Black Woman Redefined explains why black women must begin to understand their unique patterns, contexts, and strengths — rather than focusing on their weaknesses and limitations. By doing so, Nelson says, their innate beauty, brilliance, compassion, sensuality, and soul, will be revealed, fulfilling their true destinies.

Black Woman Redefined: Dispelling Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama
by Sophia Nelson

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