Muddy No Longer by Adimu Mazwi

The African American community has experienced some improvement in recent years, however, there is much improvement needed. In addition to the work that other philanthropists are doing on behalf of African Americans, Adimu Mazwi, from Washington, D.C., tosses his novella into the cauldron. A labor of love, Mazwi hopes African Americans everywhere will be refreshed and enlightened with his first project.

 Mazwi uses the platform of fiction to address major issues that affect African Americans in his first published work, Muddy No Longer.

 Muddy No Longer is an unconventionally told, rough-around-the-edges, fictional novella about a former professor who becomes a high school teacher in an attempt to “save” the African American male students. He designs a class solely for their development and begins picking apart the indoctrination of the African American culture. While the professor, Haruni Nguimgo, touches on matters like professionalism, keeping our neighborhoods clean and loving our African features, the story makes the reader aware of the private struggles Haruni deals with. Muddy No Longer also spotlights one of Haruni’s students, Jerald Longfield, and reveals how hard work can pay off in the end.

Adimu Mazwi (pronounced AH-dee-moo MAHZ-wee) is a native of and currently resides in the D.C.-Metropolitan area. He self-published his first book entitled Muddy No Longer in June of 2011. He will be releasing a poetry book soon entitled My Heart Cracked Open and It Bled.

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