Corrupted by Omar Tyree

This is what happens when our options become limited . . .

Omar Tyree, a New York Times and Essence magazine bestseller, an NAACP Image Award and Phyllis Wheatley Literary Prize winner, and the originator of contemporary “urban classic” novels that have spawned a national wave of “urban/street literature,” hits home again with Corrupted, a timely and innovative serial ebook.

In an era where hundreds of aspiring writers play an anxious game of musical chairs to entice a shrinking group of New-York-based book editors to buy their freshly printed manuscripts and grant their dreams of becoming nationally published authors, Vincent Biddle reigns supreme.

Coined the man with the “golden eye”, in the past decade, Vincent, a native Bronze, New Yorker, has hand-picked, edited and positioned more than a dozen bestselling books from his stable of authors, while generating more than a hundred million dollars in revenue for the Williams & Klein Publishing Group.

Vincent can’t miss and can do wrong, as he rises to a powerful senior editor position with the publisher. But as he rises, so does his ego, creating a reckless and eccentric craving for personal and professional experimentations.

Vincent asks himself, “What will these writers all do to become bestsellers and remain in the public limelight?”

With a tight circle of volatile authors in his midst, their every weakness soon becomes bait to be used against them, while their power-drunk editor assumes a position of absolute authority. And things fall apart around them.

Corrupted, a serial ebook of aspirations, fame, fortune, sex, shame and scandal, as Omar Tyree uncovers the dark, passionate and sinister side of the American publishing industry. Rated R.

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  1. Omar Tyree Self-Pubs New Serialized E-Novel
    By Diane Patrick
    Sep 09, 2011
    Publishers Weekly

    Despite having publishing deals with four major houses, bestselling African-American novelist Omar Tyree is experimenting with technology, self-publishing his latest novel, Corrupted, a feverish portrayal of power and ambition in the book industry, as a serialized Kindle edition e-book, releasing a chapter every week. Since July 15 and each Friday thereafter, Tyree has posted a chapter for readers to download for $1 each on, on his website, or at other e-book retail sites.

    Corrupted examines what Tyree calls “the dark side of the publishing industry,” through the actions of his protagonist Vincent Biddle, a power-drunk African-American editor at a fictitious major New York City publishing house. The novel, he said, was inspired by the way both the current economy and new technology are affecting the publishing world.

    Hyping the novel as “raw and unedited”—the book has been proofread by Tyree but not yet professionally edited—he invites his readers to post critiques and comments to either his website or his Twitter account @OmarTyree. He said he is open to revising the work if he considers the critiques worthy. He told PW that he expects the book to contain between 23 and 27 chapters.

    “Authors with the old traditional contracts can’t make the numbers,” Tyree said referring to sales. “In one day, an editor can be fired and if you were signed by that editor, you get a new editor who does not necessarily understand your work. Here we have a black editor trying to keep his job and move up to become a senior editor, when African American [sales] numbers are not doing well,” he said. “So [the editor’s] African American authors are getting dropped. How is he going to navigate? Editors are in positions of power, but they are scared to death too because if they pick a book that doesn’t fly, they are out the door.”

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