No Longer Silent – By Way of Poetry by Dameon K. Wroe

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NO LONGER SILENT – By Way of Poetry

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Since the May 2000 release of “True Inspirations – A Poetry Collection, Vol.I,” comes the long-awaited book, masterminded by author Dameon K. Wroe, “No Longer Silent – By Way of Poetry.” In his ongoing and dedicated pursuit of trying to steer youth in the right direction, enlighten our society about the negative actions that plague our communities, and address issues of accountability to all who will lend a listening ear, Dameon K. Wroe is on the fast track to becoming one of the most prolific writers that the poetry and literary arena has ever known.

“No Longer Silent – By Way of Poetry” debuts some of the most incredible, hardcore, awe-inspiring, and matter-of-fact poetry that true poetry readers have ever seen or heard. The book also features book reviews by one of the most reputable and sought after attorneys in Southern California, Rupert A. Byrdsong, as well as a powerful book review by Kathie Scott, co-author of the memorable novel “Around The World Twice.”

In a hair-raising foreword written by veteran actress, author, and motivational speaker Maura Gale, the true essence of “No Longer Silent – By Way of Poetry” is captured with marksman precision and makes it nearly impossible for readers to put this book down once the author’s journey begins. This book promises to deliver a staggering blow to all of its readers, shedding a positive light on life-lessons learned, as told through the eyes of poetry. The stories told within the chapters of this brilliant masterpiece are undeniably applicable in the life of every human being, regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, or social class.

“No Longer Silent – By Way of Poetry” is a poetic mini-novel which caters to the reader who is attracted to poetry-driven literature, but also as the occasional urge to become engulfed in a great novel. “No Longer Silent – By Way of Poetry” is more than just a book of poetry, it is a movement; it is the voice of the members of society who echo the lessons told in the poems, but are afraid to speak out and be heard. “No Longer Silent – By Way of Poetry” is the measuring stick of what an author’s destiny should hope to be. “No Longer Silent – By Way of Poetry” is the truth!

Author Dameon K. Wroe is no rookie to the writing arena by any stretch of the imagination. He first began strengthening his writing abilities back in the early 90’s when he and his former singing group signed their first recording contract with
Capitol Records. Wroe assisted the group with writing a few songs for their album under the Capitol Records agreement.

In 1999, Wroe was also hired as a songwriter for White Lion Productions, and ultimately landed three of his original songs on a compilation CD which was later released in 1999. While recording a record with his former R&B singing group and Capitol Records, Dameon was also afforded the opportunity to pursue his love of acting by working with some of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors and directors, including: comedian Robert Townsend, Don Cheadle, Eddie Griffin, J. Anthony Brown, and The Hudlin Brothers – directors of the blockbuster movie “Boomerang,” starring Eddie Murphy.

With Dameon K. Wroe’s writing abilities and his ever-growing passion to write great quality books, it is only a matter of time before he is a household name. Even with the recent release of his current book, “No Longer Silent – By Way of Poetry,” Mr. Wroe is currently writing his third book which is already targeted for completion on December 31, 2011. After the release of his third book, Wroe is planning to write his first, full-length novel that will be based on unfortunate events that changed his life forever! With treatments already being made on the full-length novel, the book has already gained the attention of a film director for possible silver screen production. To keep up with the latest news and/or events involving Dameon K. Wroe, visit our website periodically at: .

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