Skeletons In the Closet by Sabrina A. Hunter

Skeletons. Everyone has one. And everybody wants to bury them, deep. Larissa Fontaine, a celebrity publicist, specializes in keeping skeletons hidden. She makes sure her clients shine like the stars they are, or believe they are. Married to a well known actor and co-owner of Clean Closets Public Relations, at 25 years old, she was living the good life. That is, until she became the star of her very own Hollywood scandal, thanks to her husband. Humiliated, Larissa does exactly what she would advise any of her clients to do, leave and take his money with her.

Meet Quincy King and Ana Christina Gonzalez. They are Larissa’s two best friends and are her permanent co-stars. Quincy is a stylist and the other half of Clean Closet Public Relations. Ana is a rising Hollywood star, set to become a household name . She was also Clean Closets first client. They have all been friends for most of their lives and have always shared everything with each other. Or do they?

Titus Anthony III, is a sexy linebacker for the San Diego Maruaders, who lives in LA during the off season. On the same day that her divorce is finalized, Titus and Larissa paths cross as they catch each other’s eye. Titus wants everything Larissa has to offer. But Larissa does not want to get caught up. All she wants from him is his business. But Titus is persistent and is set on proving to her that he is more than just a satisfier in the bedroom. Larissa is determined to live a life in which relates to a fairy tale. Until secrets beyond her control, that refuses to stay buried, come busting out of closets.

Secrets which may very well prove to be deadlier than any of them ever thought possible.

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