Eclectic Life Books to part in Cancer Awareness Rally


Eclectic Life Books will be taking part in the Cancer Awareness Rally sponsored by Lolo’s Boutique.

Carson, CA– Eclectic Life Books will be taking part in a Cancer Awareness Rally, sponsored by Lolo’s Boutique. Cherise “Reese” Charleswell, CEO of Eclectic Life Books will be performing a selection of poetry, as well as reading from her newly debuted book, Real Talk Tips: Laugh-Out-Loud Pointers & Suggestions For The Morally Challenged, Socially Inept, & The People Who Love Them. The book, just published in May 2011, is a non-traditional, sassy, tongue-in-cheek, and painfully honest self help guide and workbook for the morally challenged and socially inept members of society; as well as those who want to improve on their quality of life. The Adinkra image that graces the book’s cover is called “Mate masie” and it loosely translates to “What I hear, I keep”. The book draws on my experience as a West Indian child, where wisdom was often imparted as a series of “old time” sayings, tips, and proverbs; leaving one to interpret the true meaning and come to their own conclusion and understanding.

The event being held is a community block party, where other businesses in the area will be contributing to the festivities. It will be taken place on Saturday October 29, 2011 from 12PM – 6PM, and will be located at 21635 South Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90473. Near the NW corner of Avalon Blvd and Carson St.

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Contact Person: Cherise Charleswell
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Voice Phone# 818-521-8422
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