Love is Blind by T.J. Chester

For ambition and survival, three friends decide to
take on the oldest profession in the world—prostitution. But are they ready for
the danger that comes along with it?

Money can’t buy happiness, and Rae Crenshaw and her
best friends Patrice Walker and Telly Sanders find this out the hard way. To
survive, they sell their bodies to any man who’s willing to pay. This is their
lifestyle; a choice which complements their promiscuous ways.  However, too much greed leads them to make a
bad choice.

Stepping up their game, Patrice and Rae begin
stealing from the men they sleep with. However, Ozell Jenkins, a big time drug
dealer and a regular, is not too happy about that. Rae knows he is up to no
good, so she plans on exposing all the skeletons in his closet. But will she be
able to handle the shocking discovery coming her way?

Find out in T.J. Chester’s Love is Blind.

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