Sex Isn’t Enough by Alicia D. Dervin

Carrie Ann Woods has had enough. Sick and tired of allowing men to come in and out her life without a real commitment, she has convinced herself that she is worth much more and that she deserves to find true love. While remaining hesitant to give her heart away, she will recall the pain from her past and use everything she’s learned about love and life to her advantage in the novel, Sex Isn’t Enough.

As the owner of a successful public relations firm in Miami, this sexy and fiery soon to be 30-year-old often finds herself surrounded by athletes, musicians and other public figures that all turn to her when they want to get into or stay out of the media. Her relationship with a married man causes her to wonder if real love even exists and if she’ll ever find it. Like many women her age she starts to tell herself that her biological clock is ticking. She sets out to prove to herself that romance means more than good sex. Sex Isn’t Enough is packed with scandal, drama, passion, and pleasure as Carrie narrates readers through her journey of learning to believe in love.

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