What is your “must share” book of 2011?

Do you have a “guilty pleasure” or a “must read” of 2011? Share your most delightful or thought-provoking surprise book of the year. There are no nominations, no qualifiers, no restrictions. But, authors, you cannot put your own work! Other than that, let’s see what book caught and wrapped up your attention this year.

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3 thoughts on “What is your “must share” book of 2011?”

  1. Hi Javanoir: I have a “must read book of 2012 for you to read and share your thoughts with other readers on Books of Soul. The book title is “Her Divine Destiny,” by new Christian Author/Novelist; Desiree Evans. Future “Best Seller,” that will someday be made into a movie. Of this I am confident. Remember many best sellers were rejected and overlooked until they reached the best seller list, then everyone jumped on the bandwagon. JAVANOIR, YOU WILL THEN HAVE THE DISTINCTION OF BEING THE FIRST TO RECOGNIZE THE GIFT THAT GOD GAVE ME. Please visit my website to learn more about me. http://www.devansauthor.net

    Her Divine Destiny begins in the 1950’s, set in the little town of Sapphire Blue, Georgia;
    located near the beautiful picturesque City of Cherry Blossom; named for its’ famous cherry blossom trees that lined the streets of the Garden District. It is a Christian Romance Novel, which will show young black woman that if their man (the love of their life) makes a mistake, before they decide to drop him, recognize the awesome power they have of love and forgiveness. The story chronicles the life of a young woman in search of purpose, and fulfillment in her life. Her Divine Destiny can be compared to old-fashioned romantic novels where you suddenly find yourself transformed into the story’s time period. You become so enamored with the heroine that you began to relate on a deep spiritual level, as though you were actually her. The storyline has many twists and turns, keeping the reader wondering what will happen next. It is sprinkled with moments of joy and sadness, hope and disappointment; as well as; love and forgiveness which will culminate up to a triumphant ending. It will leave the reader shedding tears of joy at the “victorious” conclusion

    Her Divine Destiny is the story of a beautiful young American-born woman named Azalea Stevens, of African-Caribbean descent. Although Azalea would later come to believe that she had acquired everything in life she could have dreamed of having; riches, power, success, and finally after a couple of bad relationships, a fine and ambitious young man named Lane Jenson (the love of her life); there still remained a void. “Surely there must be more to life,” she thought. “Is there another purpose if I am to find true fulfillment?” Azalea had placed all of her faith in man and material things; but suddenly, like a strong wind that blows, warning of a storm coming, fate steps in. Azalea’s seemingly perfect world is turned upside down; rocking its very foundation. Would the path Azalea had taken, be enough to see her through the trials she was about to encounter, or would she finally take the pre-destined path God had chosen for her life, that ultimately leads to “Her Divine Destiny?”

  2. Hello my name is Rosalind Barnett and there is a book called “FORGET ME NOT” by a new up and coming author by the name of Kant The Author his book is a murder mystery and i loved it i couldn’t put the book down. So far out of all the books i have came across this year so far i have to say this was the best book this year for me i think everybody should read this book and see for yourself i ordered the book from http://www.sliceofgreatnesspublishing.com

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