Rasheed Clark’s Cold Summer Afternoon and Stories I Wouldn’t Tell Nobody But God

Love. Infidelity. Deception. Abuse. Lies. Shameful secrets. Hurt. Mistrust. For one of four women, it’s enough to drive her to commit murder…

April…Trapped in a loveless marriage to a less than loving, abusive husband, she was alone until she meets Brian Robinson, who just lost the love of his life. Will she risk her marriage and make the ultimate sacrifice to find love again?

Renee…She made the transition from being the “other woman” to being one man’s wife, but at what cost? She will soon discover that what goes around truly does come around.

Blue…She must discover the hard way that you can’t run from your past or yourself, especially when a man is involved. What will she do when she comes face to face with the man that she promised to love forever, but who she also almost destroyed?

Loretta…After destroying her own marriage through her own lies, infidelity and insecurities, she now holds the fate of another person’s marriage in the palm of her hands. Wait until the man’s wife finds out what she did.

Brace yourself for a story that you won’t soon forget. Filled with more twists and turns than a roller coaster, Cold Summer Afternoon is the one book that everybody will be talking about right up to its surprise ending…

Finally, somebody will tell the truth about the lies that we tell ourselves. Stories I Wouldn’t Tell Nobody But God, the long awaited, explosive debut novel by Rasheed Clark, is an emotionally charged, provocative and page-turning story of four friends: Sista, Brian, Day and Nikki and the rollercoaster ride that they call their lives, through triumph and tragedy!

Sista, who will lose the only man that she has ever truly loved, as she allows her weight to determine her self-worth.

Brian, who must learn the hard way that a good woman isn’t hard to find, he just has to be man enough to keep her.
…Day, who must learn to accept himself for who and what he is.

Nikki, whose perfect world is shattered when she chooses to love a man more than she has ever loved herself and it almost, cost her, her life, because of that man’s infidelity and lies.

Powerfully told, heartwarming and funny, Stories I Wouldn’t Tell Nobody But God will leave you wanting more. There are many things, stories that many people wouldn’t tell nobody but God, and still so much more that many people tend to keep to themselves, out of fear that nobody but God would understand — until now.

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