February’s Bestsellers in African American Romance

  1. Private Arrangements (Kimani Romance) by Brenda Jackson
    (Kimani, 2012-01-24, Mass Market Paperback)
    No man has ever tempted her like this…Nikki Cartwright can’t believe Jonas Steele—the Jonas Steele—has chosen her for a high-profile marketing venture. It could make her career. But when she remembers the kiss they once shared, a kiss so intimate it sent their desire skyrocketing from simmering to blazing, Nikki knows she must guard her heart against the seductive Phoenix playboy as if her life depends on it.Jonas has no problem making their professional relationship personal. With the beautiful and talented photographer within his reach, he can erase her from his system once and for all. From a whirlwind Las Vegas affair to jet-setting across four continents, this Steele discovers getting Nikki out of his system is easier said than done, and now he wants her to belong to him heart and soul—as the woman of his most passionate fantasies.…


  2. Sinners & Saints by Victoria Christopher Murray
    (Touchstone, 2012-01-10, Paperback)
    TEAM JASMINE or TEAM RACHEL? Bestselling and award-winning novelists Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley bring their favorite heroines together in a novel that will delight their legions of fans. Jasmine Larson Bush and Rachel Jackson Adams are not your typical first ladies. But they’ve overcome their scandalous and drama-filled pasts to stand firmly by their husbands’ sides. When a coveted position opens up—president of the American Baptist Coalition— both women think their husbands are perfect for the job. And winning the position may require both women to get down and dirty and revert to their old tricks. Just when Jasmine and Rachel think they’re going to have to fight to the finish, the current first lady of the coalition steps in . . . a woman bigger, badder, and more devious than either of them. Double the fun with a message of faith, Sinners & Saints will delight readers with two of their favorite characters from two of their favorite authors.


  3. A Seductive Kiss (Grayson Friends) by Francis Ray
    (St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2012-01-31, Mass Market Paperback)
    YOU CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON FRIENDSDianna Harrington is known throughout the world as “The Face”-the stunningly beautiful spokesmodel for her family’s fashion empire. She could probably have her pick of any man she wants. But Dianna would rather kick back and relax with a good friend-namely Alex Stewart, who she’s known, and harbored a crush on, her whole life…BUT CAN YOU TRUST YOUR HEART?Ever since they were kids, Alex has been Dianna’s protector and pal, a shoulder to cry on. But as the brother of her best friend, Alex always seemed untouchable. Now a handsome, successful New York lawyer, Alex never realized how lonely Dianna’s life has been-or how innocent she is in the ways of love. Alex wants more than anything to reach out to her, to heal her heart. But is his desire worth the risk? After a lifetime of longing building up between them, somethings gotta give. Maybe all it takes is just one kiss…


  4. Real Wifeys: Get Money: An Urban Tale by Meesha Mink
    (Touchstone, 2012-01-10, Paperback)
    SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE, AND LUSCIOUS WILL DO ANYTHING TO SETTLE THE SCORE. . .  In the new novel from the author of Real Wifeys: On the Grind, rapper Make$’s wifey, Harriet “Luscious” Jordan, finds herself out in the cold financially after Make$ is imprisoned for his role in the brutal rape of Luscious’ friend and his business partner, Kaeyla “Goldie” Dennis–a misguided young woman who once ran a strip club out of her apartment. But Luscious is a first-rate hustler and soon becomes a successful party promoter. There is really only one thing on Luscious’ mind: destroying Goldie. Luscious has never forgiven Goldie for sleeping with Make$ behind her back before the rape, and she’ll stop at nothing to exact revenge. Yet how far can Luscious go in her blazing quest for payback without destroying herself, too? Real Wifeys: Get Money is the second installment in a fierce and gritty new trilogy from one of the most daring voices in street lit.


  5. Sanctuary Cove (A Cavanaugh Island Novel) by Rochelle Alers
    (Forever, 2012-01-01, Mass Market Paperback)
    Sometimes love is the simplest choice of all.Still reeling from her husband’s untimely death, Deborah Robinson needs a fresh start. So she decides to pack up her family, box up her bookstore, and return to her grandmother’s ancestral home on Cavanaugh Island. The charming town of Sanctuary Cove holds happy memories for Deborah. And, after she spies a gorgeous stranger in the local bakery, it promises the possibility for a bright, new future.Dr. Asa Monroe is at a crossroads. Ever since the loss of his family, he has been on a quest for faith and meaning, traveling from one town to another. When he meets Deborah, the beautiful bookstore owner with the warm eyes and sunny smile, Asa believes he has finally found a reason to stay in one place.As friendship blossoms into romance, Deborah and Asa discover they may have a second chance at love. But small towns have big secrets. Before they can begin their new life together, the couple must confront a challenge they never expected . . .


  6. Murderville 2: The Epidemic (Murderville Trilogy) by Ashley Coleman
    (Cash Money Content, 2012-07-24, Paperback)
    New York Times bestselling authors Ashley and JaQuavis are back with the second installment in the epic Murderville series. Love, murder, loyalty, and money fill this hood tale as they continue this international street saga.With Samad’s target on her back, Liberty must survive the harsh streets alone. But when a chance encounter pushes her into the arms of a new friend, Po, the two take on the California kingpin, and step full force into the game. As bullets and sparks fly the unlikely pair embark on a serendipitous journey back to where it all started, Sierra Leone. With a new overseas connection, Po sees an opportunity that is too good to pass up. When his pursuit of the American dream conflicts with Liberty’s past, will they be able to survive? Or will the drug empire that they’ve built together come crashing down?


  7. A Dangerous Kiss (Grayson Friends) by Francis Ray
    (St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2012-06-26, Mass Market Paperback)
    HE’S GOT SUMMER ON HIS MIND.Sexy, single sports consultant Payton “Sin” Sinclair has tackled the world’s most valuable players–and most eligible women. But ever since his two best friends found love, despite his dangerous secret, he’s tempted to take a chance himself. And that temptation is a woman named Summer… SHE’S GOT SIN IN HER HEART.A self-made restaurant owner with a painful past, Summer has always counted on Sin. Beneath his smooth charm–and hard body–lies a tender-hearted friend who always keeps her going when the going gets tough. But now, swept up in her cousin’s wedding plans, she’s trying not to let the champagne–or Sin’s  innocent passes–go to her head. Because one dangerous kiss will only lead to another… 


  8. Dutch and Gina: A Scandal Is Born by Mallory Monroe
    (Austin Brook Publishing, 2012-01-08, Paperback)
    President Walter “Dutch” Harber and his African-American wife Gina thought the birth of their child and the exposure of those seeking to bring their marriage to its knees would have meant blissful times ahead for the interracial couple. But they quickly discover that their enemies have other plans, and blissfulness is the last thing they are about to experience. It all begins when the couple refuses to parade their child in front of cameras or release any photos in a concerted effort to keep him out of the limelight. A scandal erupts where Dutch’s paternity is called into question and where Gina is accused of not only engaging in illicit affairs inside the White House, but of criminal wrongdoing as well. Their marriage, once rock solid, begins to feel the strain of too many battles, too many lies and innuendo, too many people seeking to tear apart a couple that refuses to play political games or live by anybody else’s compass. And when the bombardment becomes too much, when Gina is castigated for simply being herself and is hauled before Congress to give answer to scurrilous attacks on her character, Dutch takes matters into his own hands. And when all is said and done, none of them, not Dutch, not Gina, not even their baby boy, will ever be the same again. In the third installment of the President’s Girlfriend series, the strong-willed couple is confronted by enemies from within and without that not only strains their marriage to the breaking point, but causes their own child to get caught in the blowback.


  9. With Just One Kiss (Grayson Friends) by Francis Ray
    (St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2012-02-28, Mass Market Paperback)
    IT’S NEVER TOO LATECicely St. John is not impressed by her friend C.J. Callahan’s so-called passion in life: running a New York City bar that he inherited from his uncle. So why can’t Cicely stop thinking about the dance they shared at their mutual friend’s wedding-or the mutual attraction she felt in C.J.’s arms?TO GIVE LOVE A CHANCEAs far as C.J. is concerned, Cicely is a snob whose “passion” in life-writing for fashion magazines-is as pretentious as she is. So why can’t he keep his eyes off her? C.J. has a business to run. And Cicely has a job opportunity in Paris. Neither of them even has time to think about romance right now. But maybe, just once, the two could test their friendship…with just one kiss.


  10. Moth to a Flame by Ashley Antoinette
    (Urban Books, 2012-01-01, Mass Market Paperback)
    In the little city of Flint, MI, the good die young and the people left standing are the grimiest of characters. With reign over the city’s drug trade, Benjamin Atkins made sure that his precious daughter, Raven, was secluded from the grit that the city had to offer. But when Raven’s young heart gets claimed by Mizan, a stick-up kid in search of a come-up, there’s nothing Benjamin can do about losing her to the streets. She chooses love over loyalty and runs off with Mizan, but her new role as wifey soon proves to be more than she can handle.Puppy love always feels right, but things turn stale, and she soon finds that everyone she loves has disappeared. All she has is Mizan, but when hugs and kisses turn to bloody lips and black eyes, she realizes that Mizan is not who she thought he was. Raven becomes desperate for a way out, but this time, Daddy can’t save her. Every time she finds the courage to leave, fear convinces her to stay. Like a moth to a flame, Raven is drawn to Mizan, even though she knows he’ll be the death of her. When the hood life she chose becomes unbearable and the only way out is in a coffin, what will she do?


  11. Sweet Southern Nights (Kimani Romance) by Rochelle Alers
    (Kimani, 2012-02-21, Mass Market Paperback)
    An Eaton too hot to deny The Kentucky clinic where Dr. Levi Eaton is volunteering is worlds away from his wealthy Pennsylvania roots. Still, the South has plenty of attractions—like his colleague’s captivating sister. Angela Chase is sexy, charming, and looking for fun, not commitment. That combination suits Levi just fine, until he begins to appreciate what lies beneath her Southern belle façade. Her fiancé’s betrayal destroyed Angela’s faith in men—and inspired a double life that would shock her prominent family. Hiding her true self from a man as charismatic as Levi isn’t so easy, and for once, she isn’t sure she wants to try. But without the courage to trust him with her secrets, their sultry Southern nights may soon be just a haunting memory…


  12. Sinful Seduction (Kimani Romance) by Ann Christopher
    (Kimani, 2012-01-24, Mass Market Paperback)
    Skylar Lawrence isn’t looking for romance when she arrives at the Davies’ sumptuous Hamptons estate. But when Skylar meets her ex-fiancé’s twin brother, their chemistry is as tumultuous as the storm brewing outside. Sinfully handsome Alessandro Davies exudes the kind of animal magnetism that’s impossible to resist…and hazardous to a woman’s heart.Sandro desires Skylar from the minute the stunning veterinarian turns up at his door, but his honor forbids him from pursuing a relationship. But his plan backfires when he starts falling for the forbidden seductress. Until a shocking discovery threatens to tear Skylar from his arms and force Sandro to give up the woman he needs.…


  13. When Morning Comes by Francis Ray
    (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2012-06-05, Paperback)
    New York Times bestselling author Francis Ray introduces a brand new series featuring long lost siblings who find family, friendship, forgiveness and love.


  14. Escape to Paradise (Kimani Romance) by Pamela Yaye
    (Kimani, 2012-01-24, Mass Market Paperback)
    Desperate to flee the breaking scandal swirling around her ex, event coordinator Claudia Jefferies flies to exotic Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As if being pampered at an exclusive spa weren’t enough, now a drop-dead-gorgeous man is showering her with attention! But Claudia’s too smart to get seriously involved, especially with a heartbreaker like Santiago Medina. If only her heart would listen to her head.…From the moment Santiago spots Claudia, he knows it’s more than lust at first sight. And this man is used to getting what he wants. He’ll wine and dine the stunning, soft-spoken Southerner with tropical nights of passion she’ll never forget. But once Claudia finds out who Santiago really is, can he turn a fleeting island idyll into a passionate escape to love?


  15. Daddy Long Stroke by Cairo
    (Strebor Books, 2012-01-31, Mass Market Paperback)
    Dramatic, bold and racy, Daddy Long Stroke uncovers the shocking and painful reality of some men’s belief systems about women and sex. Cairo offers readers a voyeuristic look into the mind of a womanizer who manipulates and seduces women by using what he’s got—good looks, chiseled physique, charisma, and sexual prowess—to get what he wants without remorse, or regret. Sexy and thuggish, Alexander Maples, aka Daddy Long Stroke, is a womanizer. Arrogant and self-indulged, he is what every woman secretly craves in the bedroom—rough, rugged, and ravenous. And he is always happy to deliver. Alexander knows no boundaries when it comes to pleasing a woman, leaving no area untouched, not even her heart—or her wallet. But love is the last thing on his mind. Getting paid, and whetting his sexual appetite are the only things that motivate this salacious gigolo. And any woman trying to claim him finds herself on the receiving end of heartache, tears, and drama. Written in raw, graphic language, Daddy Long Stroke is a cautionary tale of one man’s insatiable thirst for sex and his quest to bed down as many women he possibly can—no matter the costs, and no matter who gets hurt in the process.


  16. A Wish and a Prayer: A Blessings Novel by Beverly Jenkins
    (William Morrow Paperbacks, 2012-04-10, Paperback)
    Anyone worried that living in a small town could be boring certainly hasn’t lived in Henry Adams, Kansas. From the wealthy divorcÉe who saved this historic town founded by freed slaves to the romantic entanglements that have set tongues wagging and hearts fluttering (and everything in between), there’s plenty to keep the lovably eccentric townsfolk busy. Preston Miles is happy living with his foster parents, but an e-mail from his maternal grandmother is about to change all that. . . . Riley Curry, the former town mayor, is convinced his pet hog, Cletus, acted in self-defense when he sat on—and killed— a man. Now Riley just has to prove it in a court of law. . . . And as for Rocky, she has already had a lifetime of hurt. Will she risk opening her heart—and her life—to Jack? Warm, funny, poignant, and unforgettable, Beverly Jenkins’s latest excursion to Henry Adams is a true delight—a welcome return to a place that always feels like home.


  17. Long Distance Lover (Arabesque) by Donna Hill
    (Kimani Press, 2012-01-24, Mass Market Paperback)
    World-class sprinter Kelly Maxwell doesn’t have time for romance. But when she suffers an injury on the track, she begins to reevaluate her life. Facing a difficult recovery at a physical rehab facility in New York, Kelly must decide whether she really loves the sport. But after meeting with her physical therapist, Dr. Alex Hutchinson, she faces yet another hurdle.Alex Hutchinson has fallen in love with the wrong woman before—another athlete just like Kelly. Now, years later, he doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice. He tries to back off, but the attraction is too strong. And when he realizes that Kelly’s coach has his own agenda, Alex tries to protect her even more. But is he ready to heal his broken heart?


  18. These Arms of Mine (Kimani Romance) by Judy Lynn Hubbard
    (Kimani, 2012-01-24, Mass Market Paperback)
    When Alesha Robinson ended her torrid affair with Derrick Chandler, she gave up the love of her life. Now fate’s giving them a second chance. But when Alesha asks Derrick to save her brother, she never dreams what the scorned multimillionaire will demand in exchange: becoming his wife—in name only.Even after Alesha shattered his trust, Derrick never stopped loving her. His strings-attached proposition was supposed to be strictly business: revenge for her cruel betrayal as he rebuilds his public image. Until desire reignites—hotter than ever.As the ex-lovers give in to their passion, a marriage of convenience is about to become inconvenient. And Derrick realizes just how far he’ll go to keep Alesha in his bed, in his arms, in his heart—forever.


  19. Diamond Life: A Novel by Aliya S King
    (Touchstone, 2012-02-07, Paperback)
    BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR . . . Set in the highest ranks of the music industry’s fame machine, Diamond Life is an intoxicating story of love, sex, ambition, money, betrayal, and the surprising realities of making it big. Alex Maxwell’s career as a journalist and celebrity ghost writer is taking off, despite the slightly embarrassing authorship of hip-hop super-groupie Cleo Wright’s memoir. And while Alex’s star is on the rise, it pales in comparison to her husband Birdie’s multiplatinum debut and world tour. Slowly but surely, everything they swore would never happen begins to come true, like leaving Brooklyn for a mansion in suburban Jersey and letting a reality TV crew into their home. Birdie is confronted time and again by the sexy groupies who pursue famous rappers like heat-seeking missiles and he’s forced to make some life-changing choices. Meanwhile, aging rapper Z, in recovery from drug addiction, is too busy trying to repair his marriage to leave much time for his son Zander, newly signed to Z’s label and struggling to maintain his appeal in the wake of a domestic violence scandal with his diva girlfriend Bunny. Record label president Jake is trying to deal with the death of his wife, multiplatinum R&B artist Kipenzi Hill, by drowning his sorrows in alcohol and women. When he meets Lily, a beautiful, quiet waitress, he can’t get her out of his head. But Lily has her own problems to handle and she wants nothing to do with the fame, drama, and baggage that Jake carries with him. This juicy follow-up to Aliya S. King’s Platinum is a scintillating roman à clef that takes readers behind the curtain once again for the real scoop on the biggest players in the hip-hop game—and the first ladies who hold them together.


  20. Can’t Stop Loving You by Bette Ford
    (Avon, 2012-01-31, Mass Market Paperback)
    Temptation in paradise Smart, sexy, successful Laura Murdock never mastered the fine arts of loving and trusting. Taking a well-deserved vacation from her work at a Detroit women’s crisis center, she’s prepared for three glorious weeks in the Virgin Islands. What she’s not ready for is Wilham Sebastian Kramer. A brilliant artist, Wilham is pure magic—as bold and bewitching as his remarkable paintings. When Laura agrees to pose for him, she realizes she’s stoking a fire too hot for either of them to control. So she runs from his arms, driven away from quite possibly the perfect man by a lifetime of cruel lessons. But the flame will not die—and the memory of their sweet and sultry island magic haunts her sleepless nights, tempting her back. Yet Laura is far too wise and much too stubborn to admit she desires this man with all her soul. After all, she knows pain and heartbreak always follow surrender . . . don’t they?


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