February’s Bestselling African American Romances for the Kindle

  1. Unrequited Love by Yvonne A Weems
    (Romanic Persuasions Publishing, 2012-01-09, Kindle Edition)
    Shavon and Tracy share a love no one can deny, and they are surely destined to spend the rest of their lives together. Tracy, an up and coming writer at Classic Magazine, wants to provide for his future with Shavon which means accepting a promotion and moving from Detroit to New York. With success comes sacrifice and unfortunately his family and friends–especially Shavon–get the short end of the stick. So consumed with work and getting his writing career off the ground, he is unaware of the wedge that he has driven between them.Shavon loves Tracy completely and continues to fulfill her promise of love no matter how bad things seem to be. They had gone through changes before and survived, but this time was different. She needed him now more than ever. In her darkest hour, she faces her pain without him. Will Shavon find it in her heart to forgive and forget? Will Tracy be able to penetrate her unrequited love?


  2. Private Arrangements (Kimani Romance) by Brenda Jackson
    (Kimani Romance, 2012-02-01, Kindle Edition)
    No man has ever tempted her like this…Nikki Cartwright can’t believe Jonas Steele—the Jonas Steele—has chosen her for a high-profile marketing venture. It could make her career. But when she remembers the kiss they once shared, a kiss so intimate it sent their desire skyrocketing from simmering to blazing, Nikki knows she must guard her heart against the seductive Phoenix playboy as if her life depends on it.Jonas has no problem making their professional relationship personal. With the beautiful and talented photographer within his reach, he can erase her from his system once and for all. From a whirlwind Las Vegas affair to jet-setting across four continents, this Steele discovers getting Nikki out of his system is easier said than done, and now he wants her to belong to him heart and soul—as the woman of his most passionate fantasies.…


  3. After the Storm by Jewel Moore
    (ShadesOfGrey Publishing, 2012-01-26, Kindle Edition)
    This is the 1st in a 3-part story.Natalie Harding can’t believe that someone as absolutely gorgeous as her work colleague Stephano Romano would want to date her. But after one unexpected, totally hot Friday evening encounter on her office desk of all places, she’s convinced that maybe, just maybe he returns the feeling she’s harboured for him in the fifteen months they have worked together.Her bubble of euphoria doesn’t last for long, though. The very next Monday she watches in shock as he kisses the young woman who drops him off to work at the office before sauntering in looking as though someone had kept him up all night.Is there an innocent explanation for the kiss and Stephano’s bleary-eyed appearance? Did his father suffer chest pains and have to be rushed to the hospital where the doctors kept him in all night for close monitoring? Or is it just an excuse Stephano’s using to cover his night of pleasure with another woman.


  4. Nectar (Bedtime Erotica for Freaks) by Lexy Harper
    (Ebonique Publishing, 2012-01-28, Kindle Edition)
    Word Count: 9,446Print Length: 28 pages (approx.)Nectar is taken from Bedtime Erotica for Freaks (like me), so if you’ve read that book you’ve met this lactating diva who takes the term ‘breast-feeding is best’ literally when she sets up house with brothers, Timothy and Jeffery, or ‘Tom and Jerry’ as she calls them.


  5. Nothing Else Matters by Leslie DuBois
    (Little Prince Publishing, 2012-01-18, Kindle Edition)
    Revised 1/25/12When racism tears a school apart, can love put it back together?As the senior star quarterback of Charleston Preparatory school in South Carolina, Scott Kincaid is poised for a spectacular professional career in sports. Though he and Reyna Lewis have been best friends for six years, between leading Charleston Prep to victory week after week, and seeking the approval of his tyrannical, racist mother, he doesn’t have time to develop anything more with her. But when his once perfect, healthy body is attacked by a debilitating disease, he reevaluates what is important in life. Just when he finally realizes he’s in love with his half black, half Puerto Rican best friend Reyna, a presidential election throws their small private school into racial turmoil. Now it’s up to Scott and Reyna to unify their school and their city. But it just might cost them their newfound relationship.


  6. A Seductive Kiss (Grayson Friends) by Francis Ray
    (St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2012-01-31, Kindle Edition)
    Bestselling author Francis Ray celebrates the lifelong bonds between the Grayson family and their friends—with a heartwarming love story years in the making…Dianna Harrington is known throughout the world as “The Face”—the stunningly beautiful spokesmodel for her family’s fashion empire. She could probably have her pick of any man she wants. But Dianna would rather kick back and relax with a good friend— namely Alex Stewart, who she’s known, and harbored a crush on, her whole life…Ever since they were kids, Alex has been Dianna’s protector and pal, a shoulder to cry on. But as the brother of her best friend, Alex always seemed untouchable. Now a handsome, successful New York lawyer, Alex never realized how lonely Dianna’s life has been—or how innocent she is in the ways of love. Alex wants more than anything to reach out to her, to heal her heart. But is his desire worth the risk? After a lifetime of longing building up between them, something’s gotta give. Maybe all it takes is just one kiss…


  7. Diluted Desire by Desiree Day
    (2012-01-09, Kindle Edition)
    When Violet Murphy suspects her husband of seven years is cheating, she takes matters into her own hands and devises a plot to catch him red handed.Violet places the following posting on the Internet:Beautiful Lady Needed to Seduce my HusbandI need your help, my husband is cheating on me; but I can’t catch his lying behind. I am looking for a beautiful lady to seduce him. You must be willing to sleep with him and take pictures or videos of your lovemaking. The lucky lady will be compensated for clothing, travel and food. You must be available 24/7, no exceptions. If you think you are a seductress and can get my husband into bed, please contact me. Please send me full body shots of you clothed and unclothed, no picture no reply.Will the posting harm or strengthen Violet’s marriage? Will the players realize that by engaging in a deadly game of the heart there is bound to be some casualties?


  8. These Arms of Mine (Kimani Romance) by Judy Lynn Hubbard
    (Kimani Romance, 2012-02-01, Kindle Edition)
    When Alesha Robinson ended her torrid affair with Derrick Chandler, she gave up the love of her life. Now fate’s giving them a second chance. But when Alesha asks Derrick to save her brother, she never dreams what the scorned multimillionaire will demand in exchange: becoming his wife—in name only.Even after Alesha shattered his trust, Derrick never stopped loving her. His strings-attached proposition was supposed to be strictly business: revenge for her cruel betrayal as he rebuilds his public image. Until desire reignites—hotter than ever.As the ex-lovers give in to their passion, a marriage of convenience is about to become inconvenient. And Derrick realizes just how far he’ll go to keep Alesha in his bed, in his arms, in his heart—forever.


  9. Inferno (The Wolf Pack Series) by Maureen Smith
    (Wordsmith Enterprises, 2012-01-01, Kindle Edition)
    Will their love withstand the inferno…?High school sweethearts Stan and Prissy Wolf have been happily married for fifteen years. They have everything they could ever want—a beautiful home, five children that they absolutely adore, rewarding careers, and a sizzling chemistry that hasn’t diminished over the years. But, lately, Prissy has noticed a change in her sexy firefighter husband. She doesn’t want to believe the worst—that he’s having an affair. But his recent behavior is too suspicious to ignore. As a silent chasm grows between them, she fears that Stan’s secret will soon destroy the life they have built together….


  10. Sinful Seduction (Kimani Romance) by Ann Christopher
    (Kimani Romance, 2012-02-01, Kindle Edition)
    Skylar Lawrence isn’t looking for romance when she arrives at the Davies’ sumptuous Hamptons estate. But when Skylar meets her ex-fiancé’s twin brother, their chemistry is as tumultuous as the storm brewing outside. Sinfully handsome Alessandro Davies exudes the kind of animal magnetism that’s impossible to resist…and hazardous to a woman’s heart.Sandro desires Skylar from the minute the stunning veterinarian turns up at his door, but his honor forbids him from pursuing a relationship. But his plan backfires when he starts falling for the forbidden seductress. Until a shocking discovery threatens to tear Skylar from his arms and force Sandro to give up the woman he needs.…


  11. A Hustler’s Promise: Some Promises Won’t Be Broken by Jackie Chanel
    (Books by J.C Publishing, 2012-01-07, Kindle Edition)
    Money is the root of all evilOr so they say…Two street hustlers, bound together by a simple promise, have to make a choice…The Streets Are Calling.


  12. Schooling Carmen by Kathleen Cross
    (WilliamBlue Publishing, 2012-01-06, Kindle Edition)
    Desperate to stand out in a family of overachievers, beautiful, bigoted, and bitchy Carmen DuPrè will do anything to leave the “hellhole” high school she works in—even if it means getting groped by a geezer who’s promised her a promotion. She’s not worried about things getting out of hand though—if there’s one thing Carmen knows, it’s how use her looks to get what she wants—including courtside Lakers seats and diamond jewelry—from attentive men she cares nothing about.But when a devastating medical diagnosis threatens to permanently knock her off her pedestal, Carmen might have to trade her looks for her life—and she’s not sure a life without beauty is worth living—which is why she’s risking hers by ignoring her doctor’s advice.Is it coincidence or divine intervention when a sexy stranger walks into her world insisting there’s a whole lot more to Carmen DuPrè than what’s on the surface? If it’s not too late for her to turn things around, her mysterious guardian angel wants to dish out some serious schooling in a few subjects Carmen knows little about—like faith, hope…and love.


  13. Sinners & Saints by ReShonda Tate Billingsley
    (Touchstone, 2012-01-10, Kindle Edition)
    TEAM JASMINE or TEAM RACHEL? Bestselling and award-winning novelists Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley bring their favorite heroines together in a novel that will delight their legions of fans. Jasmine Larson Bush and Rachel Jackson Adams are not your typical first ladies. But they’ve overcome their scandalous and drama-filled pasts to stand firmly by their husbands’ sides. When a coveted position opens up—president of the American Baptist Coalition— both women think their husbands are perfect for the job. And winning the position may require both women to get down and dirty and revert to their old tricks. Just when Jasmine and Rachel think they’re going to have to fight to the finish, the current first lady of the coalition steps in . . . a woman bigger, badder, and more devious than either of them. Double the fun with a message of faith, Sinners & Saints will delight readers with two of their favorite characters from two of their favorite authors.


  14. A Love Story 2 by David Weaver
    (SBR Publications, 2012-01-30, Kindle Edition)
    An absolute tearjerker. Take this erotic emotional journey with Jamal after he gets betrayed while in prison. Upon release, he is thirsty for payback and will climb over whoever he has to in order to get his vengeance.But he forgot one thing… the person you climb over to get to the top is the person you have to see when you climb back down.*Warning* Intense erotic scenes, no fillers; all meaning.*Double Warning* Get the Kleenex out before you start reading.Written in the same poetic metaphorical style as the first entry of this series, this title will definitely not disappoint. If you’ve ever read a book by David Weaver before, then you should already know what to expect… the unexpected.


  15. Long Distance Lover (Arabesque) by Donna Hill
    (Kimani Arabesque, 2012-02-01, Kindle Edition)
    World-class sprinter Kelly Maxwell doesn’t have time for romance. But when she suffers an injury on the track, she begins to reevaluate her life. Facing a difficult recovery at a physical rehab facility in New York, Kelly must decide whether she really loves the sport. But after meeting with her physical therapist, Dr. Alex Hutchinson, she faces yet another hurdle.Alex Hutchinson has fallen in love with the wrong woman before—another athlete just like Kelly. Now, years later, he doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice. He tries to back off, but the attraction is too strong. And when he realizes that Kelly’s coach has his own agenda, Alex tries to protect her even more. But is he ready to heal his broken heart?


  16. College Or Dance, Which One? (A Cold Weather Campus Story – CWC) by Hatemi Aminde Pendant
    (XAMBooks, 2012-01-27, Kindle Edition)
    Mature Content; For Adults OnlyWhy is it, the one school that I can afford that has this ultra-specialized program I have to take, is in Moose-Goose, Canada? Help! Am a Florida girl. South, Florida. Plus to pay for school, I have to strip in a gentlemen’s club. It’s not that I mind taking off my clothes in front of a bunch of horny guys and girls, but, why does it have to be so cold.


  17. Billionaire’s Retreat by EDDIE JOHNSON
    (Rare Jewels Publishing Company, 2012-01-13, Kindle Edition)
    Billionaire’s Retreat is a Titillating Romance, Murder Mystery, and Suspense Thriller. The main character Sarah Giltry’s husband Jared Jones goes missing after retiring from a local fire department. She offers a quarter of a million dollars to anyone that can find him. Jared’s Mother Rachelle is convinced that she is linked to his disappearance. Fraud charges fly rampant as one of Sarah’s government contracts comes into question. Also, she is accused of having an affair with the City Councilman that is alleged to have taken the bribe. The desire to have more and more seems to be her sole motivation. Rachelle hires Private Investigator Daniels Burks to locate her son.


  18. DUTCH AND GINA: A SCANDAL IS BORN (The President’s Girlfriend Series) by Mallory Monroe
    (Austin Brook Publishing, 2012-01-08, Kindle Edition)
    President Walter “Dutch” Harber and his African-American wife Gina thought the birth of their child and the exposure of those seeking to bring their marriage to its knees would have meant blissful times ahead for the interracial couple. But they quickly discover that their enemies have other plans, and blissfulness is the last thing they are about to experience. It all begins when the couple refuses to parade their child in front of cameras or release any photos in a concerted effort to keep him out of the limelight. A scandal erupts where Dutch’s paternity is called into question and where Gina is accused of not only engaging in illicit affairs inside the White House, but of criminal wrongdoing as well. Their marriage, once rock solid, begins to feel the strain of too many battles, too many lies and innuendo, too many people seeking to tear apart a couple that refuses to play political games or live by anybody else’s compass. And when the bombardment becomes too much, when Gina is castigated for simply being herself and is hauled before Congress to give answer to scurrilous attacks on her character, Dutch takes matters into his own hands. And when all is said and done, none of them, not Dutch, not Gina, not even their baby boy, will ever be the same again.In the third installment of the President’s Girlfriend series, the strong-willed couple is confronted by enemies from within and without that not only strains their marriage to the breaking point, but causes their own child to get caught in the blowback.


  19. Pleasure After Hours (Kimani Romance) by AlTonya Washington
    (Kimani Romance, 2012-01-01, Kindle Edition)
    Working for powerhouse shipping owner Mataeo North is a dream job for Temple Grahame. The jet-setting bachelor depends on her for everything. But there’s just one thing: he has no idea that Temple’s been in love with him since college. Or so she thinks…until the night her studly boss takes her in his arms and uncovers her passionate secret.Mataeo doesn’t make a move without consulting the savvy South Carolina beauty. Now, on the verge of closing a major deal, he needs Temple more than ever. And not just as his right-hand woman and best friend. What will it take to convince this sensual, independent woman that once they’ve crossed the line from friends to lovers, there’s no turning back?


  20. Sweet Revenge by Samone Watkins
    (JSTAR Publishing, 2012-01-01, Kindle Edition)
    Confident, intelligent, sexy, Chanel Taylor gets what she wants whenshe wants it. Emotionally unattached and sexually free she plays men likea chess game while never considering the consequences of her actions.Until one man rips her soul apart leaving her begging for redemption andthirsty for revenge. As Chanel fights to piece her life back together she can’thelp but open up and finally let someone in. But is her urge for paybackmore important than her happiness? Emotional and physically drainedChanel finds herself struggling against the inevitable to even the score. Sweet Revenge takes you on a journey of betrayal, sacrifice, andvulnerability as Chanel seeks to accomplish the ultimate sweet revengeagainst her enemies.


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