Healthy Hair Rehab Now! 3 Steps to Fabulous Healthy Hair by Jacqueline Tarrant

Jacqueline Tarrant is recognized as a beauty expert, consultant, columnist, founder & CEO of Style Infinity Products & the Hair Trauma Center in downtown Chicago. As a 3rd generation beauty professional, International platform artist and former Director of Education with L’Oreal USA, Jacqueline continues to add layers to her beauty expertise. Her expertise on hair care and hair health is expressed monthly in national columns that reach millions through various publications including Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Essence & the Wall Street Journal to name a few. She has had numerous Style & Beauty appearances nationwide on Good Morning America, NBC, CBS, & the Fox Network. Jacqueline utilizes cutting edge technology in treatment regime and practices effective methods designed to help men & women re-grow hair. Her multi-layered approach to hair loss, known as “Quadra-Follicle Stimulation”; the first step is a comprehensive consultation and analysis to determine the individualized course of action for each client.

What is the book Healthy Hair Rehab all about? Having grown up in my mother’s salons, and experiencing the ups and downs women go through with their hair, I realized early on that any kind of hair trauma could be a game changer for that woman. I also could see how bad hair days or bad hair experiences greatly impacted women’s lives. Some even felt depressed and had poor self esteem when their hair was in long term troubled stages. My mother was a natural hair healer and restored the hair and the spirit of those she helped. I knew this is what I wanted to do and made my career all about that; educating on preventive measures, hair care, nutrition to nurture the hair and early detection of possible health issues revealed in the hair’s reaction to physical imbalance. Since I could not possibly have a personal consult with every person going through a hair dilemma, writing the book Healthy Hair Rehab is my way of sharing that message. I’ve laid out a different approach to hair problems. Healthy Hair Rehab is a reference and guide to help achieve and maintain the healthiest hair possible. It is also a conversation starter, to initiate discussions with beauty and health providers about hair concerns that go beyond split ends.

Topics covered include:
-the purpose & biology of hair
-the difference between hair breakage & hair loss -protein deficiency (often associated with recent significant weight loss)
-iron deficiency
-thyroid disease
-severe mental stress
-autoimmune disease
-prescription drug side effects
-hormonal imbalance
-hair loss after pregnancy
-aging hair & menopause
-hair loss from braids-weaves-hair extensions
-the psychological impact of hair trauma & loss
-when & which conditions require a doctor’s care
-scalp conditions & which ones drive hair loss
-strand strategies for every age
-nutrition & hair growth
-quick tips for fabulous hair
-facial shapes & best styles
-how to find an extraordinary salon & stylist

There is something for everyone, of every age, culture, complexion or texture and type in the book Healthy Hair Rehab. Hair changes with age, care and condition of health. If any reader has experienced some recent and unexplained change in their hair, Healthy Hair Rehab Now! can shed some light on the possibilities.

Healthy Hair Rehab Now! 3 Steps to Fabulous Healthy Hair by Jacqueline Tarrant
Outskirts Press
Available February 10, 2012 in Paperback

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