“Love & Regrets” by Sheryl Mallory-Johnson

“Love & Regrets” follows the lives of three African American women – Carmen, Tempest, Dana – and their struggles with commitment, family drama, betrayal, lies, secrets, sexual exploits and love that spirals out of control.

Before you meet these characters, you must know….”Love & Regrets” is NOT a romance novel – it is about relationships. Not just romantic, but family, friendship and everything in between. Relationships are the cornerstone of Sheryl Mallory-Johnson’s work. Why, because the former social worker-turned novelist  is fascinated with human behavior. Why we do what we do.

Now, here’s a glimpse of the women you will meet (and fall in love with) in “Love & Regrets” ….

Carmen, a thirty something mother of one, is happily married to her loving husband Devon ─ so she thinks.  At the wrong time in her life, along comes Kendall, the man who awakens a side of Carmen that is better left slumber – her oversexed side. Carmen can’t seem to get enough of Kendall, even at her wits end. Facing a sure divorce isn’t Carmen’s worse fear; losing her prestigious job has her equally petrified; and Kendall, who happens to be her employee, is out to make sure both take place. Can Carmen salvage her life or has she done irreparable damage?

Second to God, no one is more important to Tempest than Sterling. Her every waking moment is spent planning to wed the “Cinderfella” of the NFL, that is until media sensationalism comes into play. Desperate to uncover the truth, Tempest sets out to prove naysayers wrong. Is Sterling up to no good or should Tempest hold fast to her belief in fairytales and happily ever after? 

Dana has one desire ─ to own a home, marry and start a family by her 27th birthday. That sounds simple enough, if Omar, the man Dana loves, would step up. Enter into the picture Matthew, a modest rich man who woos Dana with romantic excursions and exciting adventures. No sooner than Dana allows Matthew to encroach upon her heart, Omar proves her perceptions of him wrong. Has Dana just made the biggest mistake of her life or is Matthew more than meets the eye?

 “Love & Regrets” exposes the struggles of commitment, the human capacity to rise above hatred and revenge, and the power of love and kinship. 

Published by Wanasoma Books (December 2011)

ISBN# 978-0-9822085-2-6

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